Friday, June 20, 2008

Rhassoul - The King of Clays

We would think that Rhassoul clay is amazing if it did no more than clean our bodies and condition our skin and hair. However it has a range of properties which account for its extreme efficacy and efficiency. At the microscopic level, each Rhassoul particle contains two cavities or inter-layers around which are arranged molecules with a strong negative charge. The exterior of each Rhassoul particle contains a positive charge, albeit much weaker than the negative charge inside the particle.
Toxins within the body have a positive charge and these are attracted to the clay particle. At first they stick to the edge of the particle, then the toxins undergo ionic exchange and drawn inside the clay molecule. The inter-layer expands as the toxins are taken inside the particle. Pesticides, herbicides and heavy metal excess attach and bond to the exterior of the clay particle. These are safety carried away when the clay is rinsed off the skin.

Minerals are essential to health and life. 'The body can tolerate a deficiency of vitamins for a longer period of time than it can a deficiency of minerals. A slight change in the blood concentration may rapidly endanger life.' [Musafir & Chazot, 2006, 64] Clay is rich in minerals such as calcium, iron, manganese and silica, phosphorus, zinc and even trace quantities of gold. Compounds are released from the clay particle and exchanged for toxins. Rhassoul has one of the highest exchange ratios of all the clays at 75meq.
According to Musafir & Chazot, 'Clay acts as a catalyst, this playing a major role in metabolism and cell building … Furthermore, minerals are the carriers of the electrical potential in the cells which enable the hormones, vitamins and enzymes to function properly. [2006, 64-5].

Montmorillonite particles are very fine-grained and thin layered. 'According to one article on clay (Lei 1996) a mineralogist at the Institute of Technology, Robert T. Marin, stated that one gram of this clay has a surface area of 800 square meters. To give that some serious perspective, that's about ten football fields! The greater the surface of the clay, the greater the power to pick up positively charged particles or toxins many times its own weight. [29-30, 1998, Knishinsky]

When Rhassoul clay is washed at the primary production site, it is left to dry under the sun and the moon - perhaps because clay has crystal structure it acquires some sort of energy charge? We have heard of clay users who keep their clay exposed to the sun to increase its energy.

Clay is an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antiseptic - a versatile medium for troubled skin.
Clay is anti-microbial - The clay particles surround microbes preventing contact with the tissues (the microbe deprived of contact the living tissue can not receive nourishment), furthermore the rough exterior of volcanic clays may break the cell wall of bacteria and viruses.
Use Rhassoul regularly, learning to adapt it to achieve your optimal skin and hair condition while being friendly to the environment.

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