Friday, June 20, 2008

Tips for selling more: Take better photographs

What will turn you off for buying from a shop online? = Poor images.

Digital photography is a bless and a curse at the same time ;)
With so many options and so little time is hard to give photography the priority we all should.
That's why I offer my services. Small businesses owners have to multi-task 24/7 and my photographic skills are here to help you to focus on sales and leave the cosmetic of your goods up to me.
Photography brings the opportunity to highlight not only your products but your entire business concept.
Sometimes is not only showing a pictures of your craft/inventory but a lifestyle behind it :)

For more information, portfolios, pricing, etc. visit my website:
Let Me Grow Studio


Kobold Toys said...

I wanted to contact you with a question but couldn't find an email address here or in the website. To what email should I write with a question?

Editor said...

My email address is all over my website :(
Rosie :)

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