Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dragons are a Child's Best Friend

The highly anticipated movie How to Train Your Dragon debuts tomorrow.  From what I have read about it, this is  a film Miss E (aka Prince E of Bellis) can get excited about at last.    The film involves a boy named Hiccup (this will immediately win her over) and a toothless dog he befriends that is actually a rare dragon (this will make her want a baby dragon instead of a goat or dog).  In the reviews I have seen, there is no pink and no princesses.  Miss E will be thrilled!

Kobold has picked his favorite royal gifts and toys for the dragon slayer in your household:

Every brave knight desires his or her castle.  Choose from the DIY decoration of the Dragonrock Castle by Calafant, The Royal Castle by Educo, or the Knights Empire Castle by Playmobil.

The adventurous knight, like Hiccup, will need some dragons to adopt as pets.  Kobold is a fan of the Bloco set of dragons and reptiles that lets your child's imagination lead the way.


If your beloved requires a life-size escape, Kobold suggests the Knight Play Tent from Haba.  The Knight Play Tent creates a wonderful imaginative play space. The  tent comes with an upholstered padded floor mat and is adorned with a  royal flag. (The tent is suspended from the ceiling.)  There is not enough room for a pet dragon...

For the dragon slayer who requires a bedtime story,  Kobold's required night time prince reading includes The Prince's Bedtime and Herb, the Vegetarian Dragon. 

We are going to try to see the movie in the coming weeks...but if not, we'll dress up in our knight's armor, grab our swords, storm the neighborhood, (all while listening to "We Will Rock You" A Knight's Tale style) and let any villain know that "he has been weighed, he has been measured, and he has been found  wanting."

Have fun learning this weekend!


Wedding Bells Will Chime!

Are you looking for that perfect gift for your bridal party? The Taffy Box has lots of ideas for everyone from your best man to your flower girl, all beautifully gift boxed! Tie clips, custom necklaces, monogrammed cuff links...etc. Come take a peek!

(Custom orders in large quantities may take 3-4 weeks.)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

PureWipes - Bio Degradable, Reusable

purewipes are a super lightweight 'tablet' that transforms almost instantly, when liquid is added, into a 22 x 24cm durable, all purpose re-useable cloth!

Just Add ... Antiseptic to swab, Toner to cleanse, Water as a chemical free baby wipe OR to Remove makeup.

You can ... Safely clean the inside of your fish tank, your fish will LOVE you for it ... purewipes uses are only limited by your imagination!

Travellers LOVE them, Mothers LOVE them, Beauticians LOVE them, Campers LOVE them, even motorbike enthusiasts LOVE them, great for cleaning muddy goggles after a ride!

purewipes are chemical FREE, alcohol FREE, Preservative FREE, Sulphate FREE, are hypo-allergenic, Multi purpose, Lint FREE, non-toxic, highly absorbant, soft and gentle on any skin type, reuseable and 100% bio-degradable!

You've got to LOVE that!

purewipes are made from 100% Lint FREE compressed cotton, very compact and convenient. They are 100% bio-degradable, so whether you dispose of them or re-use them, they can be thrown into your compost bin with your vegie scraps and they will break down like organic matter.....back into the earth....35 days...leaving NO harmful residues or chemicals.

See how easy it is to use purewipes:

purewipes are sold by Cebra ethical chic. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive free delivery and special discounts.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Easter Basket Goodies!

My children love the countdown to Easter.  After we take down all of the St.  Patrick's Day decorations (March 17 is Little C's birthday after all), they begin egg hunting training.  Miss E is extremely serious about Easter egg hunts.  She likes to practice hiding eggs, and she likes to practice searching for them.  Our dear friends have an incredible hunt at their farm every year, so Miss E embraces every invitation to "minor" hunts in preparation for the big event.   She is also counting down to the delivery of Easter basket goodies.  I try to avoid the chocolate aisle at the area super store when it comes to creating baskets (but I love a certain peanut butter and chocolate egg!).  Kobold Toys has several great additions to your beloved's Easter basket... that will not cause cavities or sugar rushes at the egg hunt!

Kobold's top 5 picks for the Easter basket are:

1. Kobold loves the puzzle ball eggs from Ravensburger.  Perfectly crafted, curved puzzle pieces allow for an exact fit and are easily assembled together to form a solid, smooth ball - with no glue required!  Includes Base and Nylon String for Hanging.   Appropriate for ages 8+.  $7.50

2. Need a friend to snuggle up with this spring?  Kobold recommends the Two-Dees Chick from North American Bear Co.  Two-Dees Chick has quirky  two-dimensional charm and embroidered facial features.  Machine  washable.  Newborn +  Also available as an adorable pink rabbit.   $15.99

3.  Want to skip the real sugar?  Little fans of bakery play will  adore this set of 3 yummy-looking treats from Haba. This delicious pastry set  includes: a donut with chocolate glaze and white sprinkles, a bakery  fresh croissant, and a hazelnut twist in an beautiful bakery box. $13.50.  If you have a chef, you'll also love the Haba grill set and Haba pizza!

4.  Enjoy your love of the bunny all year with Ravensburger's Funny Bunny Game. Who will be the first player to reach the carrot at the top  of the hill? The cards will tell how many holes each bunny gets to hope,  if there's another bunny on a hole, your bunny gets to jump over him.  Everyone watch out! One of your bunnies may fall through a hole and  disappear! The player who makes it to the carrot first wins! This game  helps children learn counting skills and color recognition while having a  "hole" lot of fun!  No chocolate involved!  $20.99


5.  Kobold loves the KidO brand,  and the floating ducks are a favorite. Graceful mother duck and her  duckling are the perfect size for little fingers to stack together  during the bath. Out of the tub, they gently rock together. So cute!  Wonderful  bath toy for ages 1+.  $11.00

Visit the website for a peek at all of Kobold's favorites for your beloved's basket from bunnies to handbags.  Don't forget that orders above $40 (pre-tax and  after coupons) ship for free, and below $40 they ship for a very small  flat fee of $3.99 (Continental US orders only, standard ground service,  to the same shipping address).

Are you following us on Twitter and Facebook yet? We'll be offering special codes for fans in the coming weeks.

Have a wonderful weekend... Spring is here, at last!

Terrycloth Super Hero Capes are Here!

Yes! Thick and thirsty, double pieces of terrycloth in this custom superhero cape for bath, pool, beach or vacation! The one pictured is one of ours for Disney! But you can get most any color and any shape and personalization!! Awesome! $35 (a steal when you see what they charge in kid's catalogs and they aren't as customizable or as thick!)Get yours today at:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Take Advantage of the Kobold Kid Discount Code!

Attention Kobold Kids! Thru April 14, friends of Kobold can receive 20% off any PlanToys product in celebration of Kobold's 2nd Birthday.  Enter F5G8LL  at check-out and remember that all orders over $40 receive free shipping. 

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Monday, March 15, 2010

win a Sheeps Clothing 30% off voucher

Visit Handmade Kids before Wednesday 17 March to find out how!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Kobold!

In March we celebrate spring and the second birthday of Kobold Toys!  Two years ago Ana and Carmina created an on-line store that is committed to carrying toys that are safe, fun and conducive to your child’s emotional, physical, and mental development.  As parents, all of us take the recommendations we offer to you very seriously.  We see these toys in action in our own homes and give them to our nieces, nephews and best little pals.

In this economy, we know that spending money on toys and books can be taxing.  We try our best to offer high quality and safe toys that accommodate all budgets.  Kobold Toys continues to identify toys from around the globe that we think are unique and will ensure that you and your child have fun learning.

In appreciation of your support over the past two years, we are kicking off our Kobold Kid Club discount promotion.  Each month we will provide our blog subscribers and Facebook fans with a unique discount code towards one of Kobold’s favorite brands.

The first promotion for our Kobold Kids is 20% off any PlanToys product.  Kobold Toys has long admired the award-winning PlanToys.  PlanToys has been creating innovative educational toys for every developmental stage of childhood since 1981.  From blocks to cars to pretend food, all products are made of non-chemically treated rubberwood.  When you purchase a toy from PlanToys you can be rest-assured that the product is educational, eco-friendly and will offer hours of fun.  We also admire the company’s commitment to giving back to the community.  There is just so much to love about PlanToys!

Starting today thru April 14, friends of Kobold can receive 20% off any PlanToys  product.  Enter F5G8LL  at check-out and remember that all orders over $40 receive free shipping.

A new code for another Kobold Kid favorite brand will be available on April 15th.   Become a fan on our Facebook page to receive frequent updates on new items and other surprise discounts and offers in the coming months.  We also invite you to post reviews on the products you do purchase so that Ana and other shoppers can have your insight. And please continue to let us know if there is a brand or toy that you think Kobold should offer.

Thank you for your continued support of Kobold Toys.  We appreciate being a trusted resource for you, and we remain committed to bringing you more of the high-quality, fun toys you expect form Kobold Toys.

As always, have fun learning! ~ Ana, Carmina and Ashley

Friday, March 5, 2010

Come visit The Taffy Box at Amazon's 1000 Markets!

Personalized and unique custom gifts can be found in The Taffy Box where "life is sweeter! (in the box)"

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fashions for Every Month!

A miracle has happened.  Miss E has started using a purse.  She received her first purse at age 3 months in Sarasota, Florida when a lovely store owner gifted her one due to her adorable quotient.   That may be the last time she held a handbag.  Fast forward 4.5 years.....last week she dusted off a red bag monogrammed with her initials and loaded it with change for the collection basket at church.  I am holding my breath that we may have turned a corner in girlish tendencies (maybe we can dust the hairbows off next!).  Thankfully North American Bear Co. offers handbags for every season and for every is a peek at what is available at Kobold Toys!

January: Snowgirls!

February:  Sweetheart Candy!

March: Princesses! (also available in Brunette)

April: Easter Bags! Kobold Toys also offers chicks and lambs.  Don't miss the full collection of Easter suprises!

May: Celebrate Spring!

July:  Surf & Turf!

August:  Chasing Butterflies!

September:  Dog Days!

October:  Halloween!

November: Cat's Meow!

December:  Santa, of course!

These bags range in price from $9.99 to over $20 depending on the size and detail.  I think a 1, 3 or 6 month supply of handbags is a wonderful gift for the  fashionista on your list.  Also fun favors for themed parties and birthdays.

Visit Kobold Toys for the full collection of bags and accessories for your beloved.  Remember..."The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize"-Olympia Dukakis as Clairee Belcher in Steel Magnolias.

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