Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The little fine print just became bigger! - Product Photography

I want to give a quick explanation of... What actually are you paying for?

Step by step session (ex. 10 jewelry samples, 2 shots per item = 20 captures)
- Background Set up: up to 1 hour depending on complexity
- Time of shooting: approx. 2 hours
- Edition time: approx. 4 hours, depending on project's theme, plus uploading of final images in 300dpi (for printing) and 72dpi (for website) resolution
- Over $3,000.00 in professional equipment (cameras, lenses, lighting, softwares, etc.)

Now, I hope you see the difference between your always-handy camera, the printing lab at the drugstore, the chain studio at the mall and my art.
Rosie :)

For more info and to look at my portfolios visit:


Nora said...

What amazing pics!. and a great note about this issues. Thank you

Editor said...

My pleasure.
Rosie :)

Kellan said...

Great info - cool photos!

Thanks for coming by today - nice to see you. Hope to see you again - Kellan

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