Thursday, June 12, 2008

So Flippin Excited!!!

Star Hitched Wagon entered 3 categories in the 2008 Bead Star competition along with 1500 other entrants and my Waterfall Necklace made it into the top 20 finalists for the Pearl category. WOOHOO!!!!!!
So here is where all of you - my dear friends, family, clients, readers come in - pretty pretty please go vote for my Waterfall Necklace #5 found here:
Oh and you can tell all your friends and family to vote and they can tell all their friends and families to vote, and on and on and on! :)
The top 3 places and 2 honorable mention in each category will be published in the Bead Star magazine December 2008.
The grand prize will be picked from the top contestant in each of the 9 categories. The prize includes a trip to Santa Fe for the Bead Expo with $1500.00 to spend on beads - wonderful beads!!!! Wouldn't that be GRAND!!!!!
Thank you again loyal readers :) for sharing in my excitment!!!! And man am I excited - it is a HUGE honor to have made it this far!!!!!!
And because I am so excited - how about a giveaway.....
ok go check out all the fantastic entries!!! Next vote for your favorite 9. Then let me know that you voted by posting in the comment section - of course you don't have to vote for me to enter my drawing but I would be ever so grateful if you did vote for my design - Waterfall #5 in the pearls section. ;) I am just happy you are supporting the contest!
Then on the 19th I will pick a winner.
How about for these:

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Pam at said...

Congrats on being a finalist! I placed my votes... some really nice pieces in there - good luck and happy spending if you win!!

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