Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Handmade Luscious Lime Glass Bead Bracelet by Heather Weaver

I made this bracelet as a gift idea for a personal friend, but ended up giving her a different piece. So now, I'm offering it to all of my "Posh" pals out there! It is not listed in my Small and Simple Gifts shop. This is a PoshTidbits exclusive.

It's made from a sparkling combination of juicy lime green glass beads, including foil-lined, and Czech fire-polished glass. Some of the beads have flecks of blue and other complementary colors, and there are some clear faceted beads thrown in, like ice cubes in a bowl of fizzy lime punch.

This bracelet is approximately 7.25 inches long, and fits a bit tighter than average, due to the substantial number of beads that add to the width of the piece. The beads dangle and sparkle from individually wrapped sterling silver loops. The bracelet is finished with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp.

Note: There is a bit of yellowing tarnish starting on some of the wire wraps, which is normal with sterling silver. It has not been worn, but has been sitting in my display cabinet. However, I am offering this at a reduced price of $20.00 plus shipping ($4.75 for US Priority Mail), since the silver is not bright white. Includes white gift box. :-)

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