Monday, June 16, 2008

Safe Sippy Bottles - A better alternative to plastic

It seems that every week a new study is coming out about the toxic and deadly effects of bpa and other chemicals used in the manufacturing of plastic which then leach out into our food and drink. After months of research on the subject, we wanted to offer our customers the absolute best alternatives to plastic which are healthy, bpa-free and non-leaching....while still offering the same convenience in sizing, durability and ease of cleaning.

We have come to the determination after reading countless reports and talking with various experts that STAINLESS STEEL is the best material for water bottles and sippy cups. To this end, we have added several exciting new stylish and healthy products to our line to help our customers replace their old plastic water bottles and children's sippy cups and plastic drinking bottles.

We have several lines of adult bottles available, including SIGG, Klean Kanteen and Earthlust... all offering stylish designs and colors in safe materials.

Today, however I want to bring your attention to our Safe Sippy Bottle line... made from safe stainless steel with colorized rubber grips and durable enough for kids, in bright and fun colors they love to call their own. We've seen the popularity of this line soar and have sold out our first shipment - with the next shipment set to arrive during July, we are again taking preorders. Safe for juices, water, milk... and featuring (moms pay attention... you'll LOVE this part)... a leakproof top - YES, leakproof... it's a win/win product that we just love to tell the world about.

Come and check them out today for more details and ordering information:

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