Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Summer Clogs from Snanimals!

Yeah! It's summertime again and the livin' is easy! I love heading to the beach, playing with the kids at the park or in the yard, anything that gets us outside. Of course, with outside play comes the issue of shoes for the summer! And while I want mine to wear sneakers on the playground when possible, they don't always agree! Our solution? Snanimals own painted summer clogs (like crocs!) And new this year are our light up summer clogs-- a big hit around here! The heel lights up when you walk just like with sneakers. Mine wear their clogs everywhere! Check them out at http://www.snanimals.com/ (remember to use code posh20 to save 20% on everything you buy!)


Kristen said...

These are sooo cute! Do you make bigger boy sizes like little boy size 10 & 12?

Jane said...

Boy sizes 10. I can probably do a 12 w/a custom order! We have blue clogs and we recently did a bug on them and were thinking of doing a sail boat. Let us know!

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