Thursday, June 3, 2010

Expose Young Children To A Foreign Language

This Summer, Witty Planet is bringing to the US the entire Linea Descubriendo, a line of DVDs, CDs, books and flashcards in Spanish, not just for the Spanish speaking family, but totally fun for non-spanish speaking kids.

Linea Descubriendo was created seven years ago in Argentina, by Primeros Pasos Producciones. The line stars a very young monkey, Buba (pronounced boo-bah), who, like children, is curious, likes to explore, makes mistakes and with the catchiest songs and fun activities takes kids through the ABCs, numbers, colors, senses, good nutrition and many other things. See a Video sample of Buba below.

Already in 9 countries, Buba has conquered the hearts of thousands of kids and now is coming to the United States, brought by Witty Planet LLC.

If you want to learn more about the line, contact Witty Planet at And if you think that somebody you know would love to learn more about Buba, please forward them this blog.

Que se diviertan!

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