Friday, May 29, 2009

Artist Wallets = Great Graduation Gift!

There is no better way to send a new graduate out into the world then with a stylish and inspiring place to keep their money! The slim Poketo artist wallets such as the Ramis Kim design pictured , are vegan, eco-friendly and ultra durable! Each one features the work of a different contemporary artists and at only $19.95 you can afford to get one for every graduate on your list!

The earth friendly Mighty wallet (such as the air mail wallet pictured) are durable, recyclable and fun to carry. Made from ultra stron Tyvek these wallets will last and last but also expand as you fill them to offer more flexibility as your needs grow. With several slots for cards and two pockets for bills, you can not go wrong with this $14.95 wallet

Snanimals Fun

It's been awhile since I've posted about my own site. Be sure to remember for fun summer shoes and gifts! Here's a few that are perfect for this time of year:
Our fun panda maryjane, perfect for those zoo trips!
Fun shoes for the ball game!
And what says summer more than ladybugs!
Here's our cute ladybug sneaker and super hero cape set. (See all Pam's capes at And remember our etsy store ( for samples and sales!

If You Build It, He Will Scream!

The first fourteen months of my son's life have been pretty similar to those of my daughter. He is more laid back than she ever was (or I will ever be), and he is in no hurry to walk by himself. He does say some words, but he also makes a sound that my daughter compares to that of a Teradactyl. On the toy front, no big surprises either. He plays with the same toys my daughter did: PlanToys kitchen accessories and food, wooden blocks, animal and dinosaur figures, anything musical, puzzles and books.

This past week he has discovered the dump truck and the bulldozer. The property adjacent to our home is commercially zoned and construction has started. HE IS IN HEAVEN. Every time he hears a truck or the sound of some heavy equipment, he scoots to the door screeching with delight. Unfortunately, we do not have a lot of construction equipment in the house as darling tomboy has not passed through her engineering phase...yet.

If you have a son or daughter fascinated with digging, cranes and construction, Kobold suggests:

A construction puzzle! This adorable puzzle board has the same drawing as the puzzle pieces so your child can easily put the pieces together. The puzzle has magnetic backing so that it can easily stick to the refrigerator.

Playmobil’s Truck with Garage is also a wonderful starter toy for the younger construction fan. The toy is also a shape sorter. While pretend playing to be a truck driver, your little one can also practice coordination and motor skills by trying to put the right shaped blocks in the right place. Once the truck is loaded up, it can leave the garage and go to wherever your child's imagination takes it!

For summer travel, consider the Take-Along Construction Set by Playmobil. This on-the-go construction set comes with a rolling garage door, an unfolding ramp for easy car entrance, and enough pieces to tackle any project.

Playmobil also offers an amazing crane, and your child will love to move it, pick up things and let them go! The crane comes with integrated steering for six different functions (rotates and movable). This fantastic toy has won several prestigious awards.

If you are anti-batteries, consider the crane by PlanToys. PlanToys offers wonderful and eco-friendly toys for your budding engineer. Our favorites include the forklift, bulldozer, highway trucks and the garbage truck.

Although I am not as excited about the big trucks and noisy equipment as my son seems to be, I am delighted with his response and eager to see how his new found love of trucks and construction will evolve. I only hope that the "vrooms" and "booms" this pretend play will elicit will be more tolerable than the Teradactyl scream. - Happy Building! Ashley

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh Pilly, Pilly, Pilly!

We have a five- year old Vizsla named Pilgrim. This is a medium sized dog with Hungarian roots, and he can be a stinky, leaky bladder challenge. I used to describe myself as a dog lover, until my beloved Weimaraner, Savannah, passed away after being a loyal friend for fifteen years. I was left with Pilgrim. Pilgrim means well , but he demonstrates the mental capabilities of a rock. Suffice it to say that Pilgrim is no Savannah. Despite my best efforts to relocate Pilgrim to the proverbial (and in our case literal) farm in Georgia, he remains a presence in my life. My daughter loves her “Pilly” and tries diligently to reform him. My fourteen month old son thinks Pilgrim’s name is “bad dog.” He drools on Pilgrim and lovingly pounds him on the head saying “bad dog” over and over. (He could be saying “dog, dog,” but my money is on “bad dog”). To his credit, Pilgrim endures it all, and I do believe he loves them back.

My daughter loves animals. She has her collection of Papo and Schleich animal figures. She recently returned home from an imaginary trip to South America with a red tree frog named Alex who insisted on moving to Virginia. Apparently "Alex" finds it t too hot in South America this time of year. She is now sleeping with an alligator, a Weimaraner puppy, a black Lab puppy, a red hippo, a surly bulldog, and a purple bear. According to her they are a rowdy bunch and are the reason she wakes up at the crack of dawn – “they just start talking to me and will not pipe down, Mom." These animals are also very accident prone. The red hippo fell off the bed. The alligator bit the bear (it was a complete accident). The bulldog has severe headaches. We are going through A LOT of Diego band-aids right now.

My daughter’s current career plans include being a space ranger during the work week and a cowboy/rancher on the weekends, so a little animal first aid knowledge will come in handy. The American Veterinary Medical Association has a public source section section that provides information on becoming a veterinarian, animal health brochures, and educational resources for grades K-12. If you have a child channeling a Dr. Doolittle or the more modern "Diego" with accident prone furry or scaly friends, here are Kobold’s recommendations to help facilitate pretend play:

The Animal Vet Field Pack comes with everything you need to treat any domestic or wild animal your little adventurer encounters. Not interested in touching the animals, then try the Rainforest Adventure Pack. The pack includes binoculars, flashlight, wrist compass, digging tools and a first aid kit.

The Playmobil Animal Clinic is the perfect place to bring your pet when he or she is is bitten by an alligator or has mystery headaches. Includes operating room with ultrasound device and recovery pens.

I always wanted to talk with the animals, and I am glad my daughter can. I just wish she could figure out what language Pilgrim understands.

Kobold Toys wishes you a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. Be sure to find time to have fun learning! - Ashley and Pilgrim

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Headbands for summer and the Pink and Green Blog Tour!

Need to keep those stray hairs out of your face - try one of my headbands. I will be adding new headbands to my Artfire Studio all week!

**MEMORIAL DAY PROMO** All purchases made in my Artfire Studio now through Memorial Day will receive Free Domestic Shipping and half price international shipping! To receive this discount, Mention "Poshtidbits" when checking out. Your account will be refunded the difference.

The Pink and Green Blog Tour stopped by My Blog today. Click HERE to check it out and enter my fat quarter giveaway!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Here Come The Mutant Warriors!

Kobold is a devoted friend of the Papo figures from the Allosaurus to the rhinoceros. The French company has been producing hand painted figures that stimulate the imagination of children since1983. The quality of the pieces and the overall attention to detail can not be matched. Papo offers knights, wild west figures, pirates, equestrians and animals, and Kobold is happy to bring you the fantastic mutant warriors to add to your collection. Meet Croc Man, Lion Man, Tiger Man and Rhino Man (I am sure a female version is under development... hint, hint!).

Experts say that the "superhero" character has an important role in the playroom. Superheroes, like Lion Man, let your child explore the dangers of the world through pretend play. As they process the concept of good versus evil and work to confront their own fears, superhero play allows your child to problem-solve, gain a sense of control, and develop their own empathy skills. I believe it is important to observe and be a part of the play from time to time. Every once in a while, my daughter's pretend play with her animals and little people can escalate to aggressive talk that I don't really want to endorse. I try to ask what is happening and offer alternative responses to the behavior. Other times, I just sit back and laugh silently at the scenes she creates.

According to my four year old nephew, Papo's mutant warriors are "cool." And if your child's castle or fortress is under attack by "bad guys" you'll want these "cool" guys as your back-up!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wonder Pets!

Wonder pets wonder pets, we're on our way..... Does your little tot love the wonder pets as mine do? If so, you must go directly to (or just click on the title for a direct link.) She has the Wonderpets Capes (yes, Linny-Tuck & Ming Ming too) Just $12 in a toddler size!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

new items in store now

On a cold and wintery day like it is here in Melbourne today, what better thing to do than update the shop.

There's only enough of this beautifully hand dyed yarn left for one or two more of the scarflette shown below and the hat as shown below.

There's also a few new pairs of vintage button hair clips, with more to come soon. Click on of the pics to see the relevant listing.

More Sandwich Wraps & Bags

Cross posted from my blog:

I know I've posted before about the reuseable fabric sandwich bags and snack saks (yes, I've ordered a few already!) But this store, also has sandwich wraps. Very cute, lots of colors and styles (I think these are a bit brighter and cuter than the others I've posted about, a little less $$ too.) This is one example of the sandwich wrap ($6.25)

Be sure to order your bags and wraps soon. These shops are getting overwhelmed with orders from moms like us wanting to be a little greener (and saving some green while we're at it!)
Be sure to visit my etsy site at and for adorable super hero capes visit

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Night At The Museum

One of the many perks of living in the Washington, DC Metro area is access to the Smithsonian Institution. The Smithsonian is composed of 19 museums, 9 research centers, and the National Zoo. My children love to visit the Natural History Museum. In fact, no matter how many times we enter the main doors, the African Bull elephant in the rotunda still elicits “ahs.” Other favorites include the National Gallery of Art and the National Air and Space Museum.

On May 22, Ben Stiller will reprise his role as Larry Daley in Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. These films use history as the backdrop for humor and adventure, and we are fans. Amelia Earhart, Teddy Roosevelt, and my favorite… Cowboy Jebediah played by one Owen Wilson ( Yahoo, Mr. Wilson!). I just purchased the first film on DVD for my daughter and while she is not a fan of “naked dinosaurs” – she prefers skin on TOP of the bones – I have a feeling this will be on the preferred movie circulation in the coming months.

Kobold’s motto is “Have fun learning!” and in that spirit we would like to share toys inspired by our visits to the Smithsonian Institution.

The Dinosaur Hall at the Natural History Museum is incredible and is a MUST destination. You’ll have the chance to see a “naked” T-Rex and the very fierce Allosaurus.

Interested in the Wild West? Visit the National Museum of American History and learn about Buffalo Bill and life on the plains or visit the National Postal Museum and learn the history of the Pony Express and mail transportation.

A visit to the Air and Space Museum allows your child to learn about early aviation and see the creations of the Wright brothers and NASA. Star Trek lovers can also see the Star Trek Starship Enterprise Model! You do not want to miss the Lockheed Martin Imax Theatre presentation of 3D Sun nor The Stars Tonight at the Albert Einstein Planetarium. Can’t make it to DC this summer? Then bring the knowledge of the universe home through the 4M Solar System Planetarium or 4M Create a Night Sky kit.

For some reason many families neglect to include the National Gallery of Art on their “must-see” list. My daughter loves to wander around the museum and look at the works of art. Right now she is a fan of Edgar Degas, the mobiles of Alexander Calder, and the still lifes of Martin Johnson Heade. She is still trying to understand Grey Monolith by Hans Hofmann and is convinced Hans goes to her preschool. In fact, she is certain that she has "seen that artwork outside one of the classrooms..." Help your artist "figure it out" with the Faber-Castell Young Artist Paint Set.

If a trip to DC is not in your immediate future, please visit the Smithsonian Institution websites. All of them have resources for children and many of them have virtual tours you can experience from the comfort of your home. We are always checking on the pandas and the flamingos through the National Zoo’s animal webcams. Virtual visits can be full of learning and fun too!

Have a great weekend! And don't forget to have fun learning! - Ashley

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rainy Days & Mondays

The Carpenters were on to something with their 1971 hit - rainy days and Mondays can REALLY get you down. Although my children are feeling better, we have been besieged by less than favorable weather. Sick children and rain - not a winning combination. In fact, my daughter looked out the window today, put her hands on her hips, and stated "I am NOT happy."

Yesterday, Kobold provided some ideas for toys on the go. In case our "rain, rain go away" dance is ineffective, today we offer you some toy ideas when you are house bound due to illness or weather.

Made by Me Vehicle Kit. Your child can construct and decorate a truck, train, tugboat and tractor.

We love puzzles in our house, especially the scenes created by the artists at Mudpuppy. Their line of Color Me puzzles has a beautiful scene on one side (sea, rush hour, and enchanted kingdom) and on the reverse side the same scene blank waiting for your child to color to his/her taste.

If a storm unnerves your child, consider the story of Rumble & Bolt - a simple story of a friendship that develops between a thunder cloud and a lightning bolt. It's a playful explanation to comfort the young hearts and minds of all children.

For the crafty child, Kobold recommends the Mosaic kits by 4M - dolphins, fairies, mermaids, and princess. No glue, no mess and a colorful project everyone can enjoy when the sun finally shines again!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sick & Tired

So for the past two weeks I have had sick children. My thirteen month old son was diagnosed with pneumonia. My three year old daughter was coughing and running a high fever periodically (never at the doctor's office, of course!). My super tomboy also caught her foot in the spokes of a bike in March and suffered an ankle injury that requires daily wound dressings. In the past two weeks I have made seven trips to pediatricians and specialists, plus almost daily visits to a pharmacy. Thankfully they are both on the mend.

If this were a more personal blog I would be lambasting health insurance, giving critical reviews of health care professionals I have had to endure, or suggesting wines that ease worry. I am going to choose to focus on one of my stress reducing techniques- online shopping. In case your beloved is under the weather, I searched through Kobold Toys for some entertainment ideas. For long wait times at the doctor's office or for hospital stays, Kobold recommends these take-along toys:

Playmobil's Take-Along Island. This fascinating set includes three figures, the island, firing cannon and other accessories. The island has a handle and folds up very easily. Perfect for your pirate lover!

Lilliputien's Farmhouse and Animals. We love the plush toys from Lilliputiens and the farmhouse does not disappoint. It holds 7 chunky plush animals plus a farmer and a tractor. The farmhouse has a play mat that opens to reveal 6 field sections and folds neatly underneath the house for storage.

The smART Bag. My daughter received this art case as a gift last year, and it is a favorite. Perfect for holding crayons and pencils to decorate the exam room paper roll!

Daisy Girl Dress Ups by Shure. Dress Lilly in her favorite dress-up clothes! This engaging wooden book contains watercolor illustrations of pretend scenes and whimsical outfits. The removable wooden doll and 21 wooden outfit pieces attach with hook and loop tape to mix and match for hours of pretend play fun!

My children love the animal figures by Papo. We have quite the menagerie-- from the sea turtle to the spinosaurus. These are easy to throw in a your purse or in a back pack for pretend play on the go.

I am a member of a children's book club. It drives me crazy because I always forget to cancel the selection of the month. Last week four books about Maisy Mouse arrived. I was immediately frustrated that I had not declined the offering, but as fate would have it, these were experience books relevant to the week we were having. Maisy Goes to the Hospital was an instant hit because we were considering surgery for my daughter's ankle. I definitely recommend this book for the preschooler with hospital anxiety. We also enjoyed reading about Maisy going to the dentist, the museum and the library.

For me having a sick or injured child is the scariest aspect of parenting. We are fortunate to have friends and family who are medical professionals, and they kindly provide guidance upon request. I believe this also reduces the frequency in which I have to channel my inner "Aurora Greenway" with doctors and our insurance company- only one "outburst" in fourteen days is pretty good for me.

Stay well, use your hand sanitizer and start shopping! - Ashley

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Everything that is in her store is completely crafted and handmade by Erica, she does not use artificial flowers or accessories unless otherwise stated. By making everything herself you are guaranteed totally unique pieces that can not be found anywhere else.

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