Friday, June 13, 2008

Win! Sew Golden BabyLegs Are Here

The Fabulous BabyLegs company has launched their Sew Golden contest and that could mean free BabyLegs or other products and prizes for you!

Here's the Scoop: Everyone already knows that BabyLegs are the hip, adorable and practical way to take off the chill of summer air conditioning or cool evenings. What BabyLegs also wants you to know is that their interlocking golden seam prevents unraveling making your BabyLegs extra long lasting and durable. Specially marked packages of Sew Golden BabyLegs may contain the winning tickets for free BabyLegs, other products and a grand prize trip to Seattle!

Get your Sew Golden BabyLegs today at Shop Kir Devries where we carry a wide selection of patterns and even feature a few cute pictures of our own little boy, Kir in his BabyLegs. Yup, that's Kir rockin his orange & Aqua Babylegs!

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