Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Finding the perfect gifts for kids is as easy as 1,2,3

At Kir Devries we are all about the kids this week! And why not, it's sunny, summer is blooming and their happy squeals of joy at the sight of a beautiful gift is worth every penny! Selecting just the right gift for a little one is easier than you might think. Follow these simple steps and you can rest assured that a little one will be shrieking at your feet in no time (in a good way ;-).

1. Obviously you need to break the gift choices down to the appropriate age & developmental level.When considering toys or educational items, don't be afraid to challenge the child by selecting something at the top of their developmental level. This will enable them to grow into the gift as well as encourage them to develop new skills. If you are going with apparel you will mostly have only size issues to consider. It's better to buy a size larger than their age as many children's items run small. If you are purchasing a very seasonal item like a swim suit or snow suit, your safer doing this at the start of the season when they will still have time to grow into it if need be.

2. Consider the style and aesthetic of the child as well as her parents. Many of us give gifts that we might like to receive ourselves or that are reflections of our taste. This is ok to an extent but ultimatly you want to select a gift that will be treasured and enjoyed. Think about the parents of the child. Observe their home, surroundings and personal choices. It should soon become clear if they are going to be the type to appreciate the 4-T Juicy Couture track suit or the developmental block set made from re purposed barn wood.

3. Start Early & Do your research. If you know any parents with a similar aesthetic or style, ask them what their best "finds" have been or if they can recommend a shop or a website that generally carries great things. Check out forums and read reviews online. If you get your gift shopping process started a little early, you will have time to make a thoughtful decision rather than just ordering something from the big box store in a panic.

Gift giving is our way of showing that we care and extending our goodwill to others. Go forth and give thoughtfully!

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