Friday, June 13, 2008

Entertain Your Kids Creatively Now That School Is Over

School is over and, with that, comes the much dreaded question: how can my kids have fun and entertain themselves outside the Wii and the TV? Even if you have all your summer planned out, with camp and activities, you will have days in which you will need something for them to do, a project, something that keeps them, yes busy, but also engaged.

We have discovered a beautiful line of crafts, 4M, with all sorts engaging projects for both boys and girls, who are anywhere between 3 and 10 years old (and in some cases, maybe for even older kids).

For the youngest ones, engage them in a simple tile painting to decorate mommy's refrigerator and feel proud of their art.

or dazzled them with their own origami dinosaurs!

For the older ones, engage them in green science projects that will both keep the occupied and teach them a valuable lesson on the environment and science. For example, they could make a Wind Mill...

or create clean energy...

or recycle a soda can into their own robot...

I can guarantee you that they'll feel proud of their project and bring up some interesting conversation topics.

For girls, what better than having a doll that they made on their own? Whether it is a fairy...

or a mermaid...

Or engage kids into digging out dinosaurs and crystal in the archaeologist way.

We have a great line of crafts and science projects at Kobold Toys for children 3 to 10, at very affordable prices ($10 to $14) that are perfect for those summer days when it is too hot or rainy and you want your kids to do something different.

Have fun learning!

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