Monday, July 7, 2008

What’s Tope?

The Portland based wallet company known as db Clay has been wildly successful in the last decade, thanks mostly to their radical wallet art and design. Now they step out into the men’s accessories forefront with a custom engineered, environmentally friendly wallet material they call “tope”.

What is Tope? Well it’s an environmentally friendly textile, custom manufactured by db Clay. Although it is synthetic, it does not contain the hazardous chemicals traditionally found in synthetic vinyl such as PVC. Additionally, both the manufacturing and disposal of tope has minimal environmental impact. The manufacturing process is pollutant free and the final product decomposes when buried, without releasing chemicals into the environment. Despite these environmental benefits, tope is still a durable material, being water resistant, strong and long lasting. Of course it is also a vegan friendly, animal free product, making it a great alternative to leather.

Shop the men’s line now at Shop Kir Devries.

1 comment:

Nora said...

great idea, I love the concept of environmentaly friendly textiles!
and much more art inspired products.

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