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Phoenix, AZ (DATE) – Regionz Kidz, the Phoenix-based multicultural children’s clothing line, is introducing affordable organic cotton tees, tanks, and totes for kids and their moms.
There’s no need to sacrifice quality and integrity even when the economy may be tightening your budget. The Regionz Kidz designer children’s clothing line features black and white, hand-drawn caricatures of toddlers from all ethnic backgrounds made with cotton from organic-certified U.S. farms and colored with natural dyes.

Regionz Kidz fabrics always come from U.S.-based companies and are sewn state-side in Los Angeles, Calif.

Unlike the children’s clothing lines sold at most pricey major retail stores, Regionz Kidz clothes are printed using environmentally-safe dyes and a revolutionary organic printing process that embeds the ink into the natural fabrics allowing for more detailed designs without an increase in cost to the consumer. Silk screen printing and iron-on transfers leave designs cracked and faded after a spin through the washing machine, but these water-based inks won’t cause harmful solvents to be released back into the environment and are longer lasting and softer to the touch.

The light-weight organic cotton shirts and tank tops are perfect for mom and baby’s summertime outings and with eight multicultural characters and 100-plus region-specific designs to choose from, Regionz Kidz’ families will be able to match every part of the country they visit on their summer travels.

And moms can make every day a Regionz Kidz day with a natural canvas tote. These oversized 100-percent organic totes are roomy enough for any outing, whether it’s a quick trip to the local farmer’s market, an afternoon playing at the park, or a jam-packed day of reading at the library.

When you make Regionz Kidz purchase, not only are you promoting cultural diversity, but you’re also doing good by the environment and your wallet. And even more than just clothes and accessories that make you feel good, the Regionz Kidz line offers educational tools and resources.

Founder Lisa Hillery-Smith, wants her customers to get more with Region Kidz than just rich and funky designs; she hopes to expand their knowledge of tolerance and multicultural sensitivities. Her line of educational CD-ROMs allow parents to teach their children about the different regions across the United States and aid them in learning to read along. The books, activity sheets, and flashcards are printed both in English and Spanish and feature multi-cultural children’s stories.

The Regionz Kidz website features an informative and educational blog and Regionz Kidz parents and their children can find products, companies, and articles that help to teach about and spread the message of diversity and unity. When mom and baby wear their Regionz Kidz designs, they can display their cultures with pride!

About Regionz Kidz

Beginning in 2007 Regionz Kidz has clothed and educated families across the U.S. with pride. The company is the result of one mom’s quest to find a unique infant and toddler clothing line for her daughter. After visiting a regional gift show and realizing there was a lack of infant and toddler clothing that was upscale, culturally-diverse, and customized for kids, she decided to create her own designer infant and toddler t-shirt line. She wanted a regional infant and toddler clothing line that would highlight some of the fun aspects about living in a country as diverse as the Unite States. She also wanted multi-cultural designs celebrating the diversity of the children and families living across the country. For more information about this line visit

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