Thursday, July 17, 2008

A few of my favorite things

I recently did this post on my other blog ( but feel these are really worthy companies worth visiting!

First is a business near and dear to my heart. It is and they make home made dog biscuits and ship them to your home (or if you live in Delaware, you can pick them up.) Here is what you can find about them on their website:

Waggies is a company created solely to employ persons with intellectual disabilities and empower them to become productive contributors in society. Maggie and her friends enjoy baking, packaging and marketing the all natural doggie treats. They are extremely proud of successfully mastering the skills needed to make these exceptional "bones". Volunteers help guide and support the team as they make a quality product that dogs love. Dog owners like the freshness, texture and attractive packaging. Reward your dog with these nutritious and delicious treats and support members of the community who want to be part of the work force. It's a winning combination.

Second is another company that I find myself drawn to. It is This is a company run by 5 women who have all experienced loss or hardship and have overcome. After losing a husband, a baby and my daughter Emma, I can relate to their stories and mission and have purchased a bravery kit for myself, my daughter Anna and my niece Damaris along with other brave chicks who deserved the recognition.
Here is their story:

In the summer of 2007, the original Brave Chick, Katie, landed in a children’s hospital with her second terminally ill daughter, Chloe Schultz.Katie kept everyone informed of Chloe’s fight for her life through a Caringbridge website. Across the globe, people were moved by Katie’s writings and began sharing stories of their own by the thousands.On a particularly tough day, Katie signed off at the end of her entry by saying it was from herself and Chloe -“Two Brave Chicks”.Chloe died in July of 2007. Shortly after this, fellow founders of the One Brave Chick Company met and began talking about the idea of honoring brave chicks like Katie and Chloe everywhere – about launching a company that could celebrate any woman, anywhere, who needs a shot in the arm of courage; who just finished her first marathon; just got accepted to a college, or rejected from a college and tried somewhere else – anyone who looks adversity in the eye, and says, “That’s all you got? Well I’m still here. I’m One Brave Chick
Please visit these companies and support their missions. And if you have a blog, consider a mention of them or a link to them on your links page!

Of course, don't forget my own site, We donate 5% of online sales and 20% of online "cure ph products" sales to the Pulmonary Hypertension Association in memory of my daughter Emma (read about Emma on Snanimals.)

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