Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Boutique Squeaker Infant Baby Girl Shoes



These cute shoes squeak as your child walks. Your baby or toddler will be filled with excitement and joy as they learn to walk wearing squeaky shoes or sandals. Watch as they laugh with every step! Fun for everyone—including parents and relatives!

Not only is the shoe functional and fun for children, but parents love the safety feature of knowing where their child is at all times. What a peace of mind for trips to the mall!!Little ones stay entertained while in the car seat or stroller. Squeaky shoes stimulate and motivate the pre-walker and beginning walker. The audible feedback with every step will help your little one concentrate on his or her feet and motivate them to keep walking.

Squeaky shoes are great encouragement for visually impaired children and will allow visually impaired parents to hear the first steps of their little ones.In order for the shoe to squeak a child must walk heal to toe. This encourages crawlers to begin walking and toddlers and young children to walk properly and not up on their toes.

We offer unique and stylish squeaky baby and toddler shoes and sandals while keeping in mind the important matter of comfort and overall care for young feet.To temporarily disable the squeaker, use a piece of tape. To permanently disable the squeaker, drop child safe glue into the squeaker.


You'll Love It!

Available at Moomette's Magnificents Olde Towne Shoppes


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