Monday, September 1, 2008

BBC journalist recommends our wooden toothbrushes

I am thrilled. This morning our eco friendly wooden toothbrusheswooden toothbruses where featured for the second time on BBC Breakfast television. No, I didn’t push them and no, I didn’t give them for free to the journalist. She bought them - 2 in all. I had no idea they were going to be featured yet again, which just proves that her recommendation is totally impartial. Made from sustainably managed forest wood in Germany the carbon footprint on these is minimal as they are produced where the trees are grown. The handle of the wooden toothbrushes is varnished with vegetable oil and each toothbrush last 3 months after which time it can be shredded an composted. Or burnt in your woodburner…The head is wrapped in a small amount of bio degradable plastic which is secured with a paper/metal clip that is 100% recyclable. Our wooden toothbrushes come in two sizes: for adults and for children (these are slightly smaller handles and heads). UK postage is included in the price. I sell them wholesale as well to bonafide businesses. Send me an email if you are interested…

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