Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why Are Bamboo Kitchen Utensils Far Better?

Bamboo is a great material which is finally being recognized due to the recent public awareness of "green" materials. It is sustainable as it is actually a plant, rather than a tree, and it grows extremely quickly - feet at a time, whereas a tree only grows inches or less per year.

Recent products utilizing bamboo include kitchenware, clothing, textiles, stationery and more.

What makes Bamboo so great in the kitchen as compared with regular wood, plastic, or metal kitchen utensils?


Plastic utensils are prone to the tips melting when you use them in hot pans or baking dishes - leaving bits of plastic and toxic chemicals in your food (many times including BPA which is in the plastic).

Metal utensils are heat-resistant, however they tend to scratch and damage your cookware, leaving divot marks which trap food and bacteria and make it difficult to get completely clean.

Regular wood utensils do not dry quickly, and the remaining moisture after washing invites the harboring of bacteria in every groove and fiber of the wood, allowing you to transfer bacteria to your food every time you cook.

Bamboo is fast drying, bacteria-resistant, bpa-free, does not damage cookware, is lightweight, cost effective, and due to the sustainability, it is incredibly green meaning we are not destroying forests to create utensils.

Try a set of our Bamboo Kitchen Utensils, and you will fall in love with cooking all over again. At less than $20 (including Free Shipping), they also make great hostess gifts for holiday parties, or newlywed gifts (add an Envirosax set and reusable eco produce bags for a real GREEN Gourmet wedding gift!)

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