Thursday, September 18, 2008

Product Photography - The little fine print just became bigger!

Potential client - Hi Rosie, I had contacted you awhile back regarding photography services. I need someone to redo the product photos on my site as they do not look professional enough for catalog use. I have 33 designs with 20+ more coming soon. Please remind me of your terms and pricing.

Rosie - Glad to hear from you.
I could do... Return shipping charges not included.
Let me know if you are ok with it... Once we agree on this project I'll be sending you a Paypal invoice for the entire amount prior to the photo session. I can take care of this project within 7 days...

Potential client - Can you give me specifics on copyright, terms, etc? Can I purchase unlimited use? I have web vendors who will use the photos on their sites as well as myself.
I am willing to pay more per image to have the copyright. The important thing is that the images all look the same. The problem that I have now is that the images on my site are sloppy looking in that they don't match and some of the backgrounds are showing up.
seems too cheap for your work in erasing the backgrounds, etc... I need someone who can "match" previous work. Can you do this? We are a brand new company and are starting to get noticed.

Rosie - My comments are, I do charge what I charge cause' I want to get long term contracts with my clients and I actually do.
I prefer to charge $xx.xx for a long time than give you a ridiculous price and just get a batch of products from you.
If you visit my website you'll notice I do place a couple of my customers pics as samples and part of my portfolio but they don't have any other use for me: Jobs done!
I can create a paper saying I transfer the rights of the pics to you, doesn't really make a difference to me.
I really prefer for you to take as much advantage of the images I create for you as you can, so that gives ME a good reputation, you know... word of mouth.
Cause' the way I work and the way I set it up every time I start a photoshoot I really make it easy on me, same set up all the time, just different items.
To be honest with you, if the pictures are taken correctly with the right equipment there is not much work to do while editing.
Yes, in this market i could charge you $xxx.xx a piece but... my target clientele are small businesses like yours and mine so I know in a way, product photography is a luxury.
I imagine it's a matter of time to start charging $xxx.xx per pic but right now I prefer to be affordable and reliable for a long period of time.
I saw the problem you have with your current images, which is basically the one all my clients have. That's why consistency is my main goal and I believe I accomplish it.
Regards, Rosie :)

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