Monday, June 1, 2009

Up, Up And Away!

The new Pixar movie Up opened to rave reviews this past weekend. I find it hard to believe that a story about a grumpy balloon salesman who ties thousands of balloons to his home and flies away to South America for adventure would not appeal to the masses. I know my daughter will love it on the next rainy day.

My children love to watch things go "up" - unless of course, it is that single balloon that accidentally escapes the death grip as they make the perilous trek from the car to the house. In honor of balloons everywhere, here are some of Kobold's favorite toys that go up, up and away.

First on the list, airplanes. At our local airport there is a great park where you can sit and watch the airplanes take off into the sky. We always like to take turns guessing where the plane is going. Want to encourage your pilot's prentend play? Then we recommend the PlanToys Airport and the ZipBins Shape Airport.

Today we biked to the Mall and after a picnic took a quick trip through the Naitonal Air and Space Museum. We learned about the Wright brothers, walked through a display on the universe, looked at rockets, and then my darling tomboy ended the visit with a ride on a simulator- the Cosmic Coaster. You can countdown to fun and learning with the Cosmic Rocket ship, This kit by 4M allows your child to assemble their very own rocket, fuel it with a vinegar/backing soda mix and watch it blast off! The kit includes rocket, launch pad and instructions (backing soda and vinegar not included).

My bird lovers enjoy the daring dips and soars of our backyard friends. The Bloco Birds of Prey set celebrates the "high flyers." With its 280 pieces, it provides enough possible combinations to create flockfuls of original flying creatures. The set also includes instructions to build smaller and less complicated birds.

When I asked my daughter, what other things go "up," she answered toast. At our house, the toaster shoots the finished product straight into the sky. The click of the spring and the sight of the toast going up never fails to entertain my son.
Today, ask your child what they like to see go "up" - it may surprise you!~ Happy June 1st!

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