Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Run Dunkirk! Run!

Before the Kentucky Derby, I read the names of the horses racing aloud and asked my daughter to pick the winner. She confidently chose Friesian Fire. Crestfallen, but not deterred when Mine That Bird won, she again selected Friesian Fire for the Preakness. She stood on our sofa, pumping her arms in the air, screaming “Faster Friesian Fire, Faster!” After a few crocodile tears, she decided she was happy that a “girl horse” won. Friesian Fire is not running in the Belmont Stakes, and my daughter has decided that the winning horse will be “Dunkirk. Or the winner may be Brave Victory. It is going to be close.”

Here are a few of my daughter’s favorite horse facts learned in preparation for her career as a part-time cowboy, part-time space ranger:

*A horse typically sleeps two and half to three hours a day.
*There are about 75 million horses in the world.
*Horses sleep longer in the summer than in the winter.
*A zedonk is the offspring of a zebra and a donkey. (She wants a pet zedonk).
*A horse is measured in units known as hands. One hand is equal to four inches.
*A horse's average lifespan is twenty to thirty years.
*Horses cannot vomit.
*Mine That Bird flew to New York. (I include this fact because my daughter is still trying to figure out where horses are allowed to sit aboard airplanes, and the queries have been pretty funny).
*Jockey Calvin Borel does not wear his teeth when he races. (This is not a confirmed fact, but we have it on good authority from Kentucky friends that this is true. My daughter thinks this “fact” is hilarious too).

Kobold's Trifecta Picks of Pretend Play Toys for the weekend are:

1. PlayMobil Horse and Trailer Set. This cute set is perfect for those who love animals, and horses in particular. It includes a figure, a truck, a horse trailer (whose roof can be removed), and a horse. The back of the trailer has also a ramp to let the horse in and out of the trailer

2. Neat-Oh Zip Bin Country Stable Playset. This soft-sided horse barn converts to a rider’s delight. The playscape features two barns, a pond, a training paddock and ample corral. This is a must have for every horse lover. Softie Bins are padded and shaped for more fun and easy clean-up. Mat is 29 x 33 x 74 inches.

3. Papo Riding Girl Set. This beautiful Riding Set will make a great addition to a figurine collection. Your child will never play with a finer quality figure! Papo's riding set is hand-painted, finely detailed, and sure to be fun.The set includes a riding girl, Andalusian horse with saddle and farm dog. Kobold also recommends the Papo 3 Pinto Set and Papo Rodeo Rider.

Happy Friday- and if you are daring, place a bet on Dunkirk for my daughter Miss E! ~Ashley

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