Thursday, June 11, 2009

No More Spoiled Fruit & Veggies!

You’re grocery shopping at the store and they have some Beeeee-utiful fruits and veggies that look so good you feel guilty about eating them. Great produce prices and before you know it, your cart is stocked full of a colorful array of apples, grapes, peaches, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and more…

A few days later you go into your fridge to grab a juicy apple and WOW! They no longer look nearly as fresh, in fact much of the produce is rotting in front of your eyes. A few black spots on the lettuce head, bruising on the apples and mushiness in the grapes bag. Now you can see all of your produce savings going right into the garbage can and you say NEVER AGAIN to stocking up on fruit…… Over and over this scenario repeats itself and you end up tossing hundreds of dollars each year and wasting perfectly good food.

We’re SUPER excited to introduce a solution we’ve tried personally and fallen in LOVE with… our new Extra Life Produce Preserver Disks. A little green disk with an active (nontoxic and healthy) ingredient inside which slips into your crisper bins in the fridge and they TRAP & NEUTRALIZE the excess ethylene gas produced by your fruits and veggies as they ripen. This slows down the ripening process and allows you to DOUBLE THE LIFE OF YOUR PRODUCE!
The active ingredient in these disks, zeolite & potassium permanganate has been used by grocery produce managers for years to help control the ripening process of fruits, but now its available in smaller disks for your fridge at home! Each disk lasts for 3 months in your fridge and you’ll see right away how much longer your fruits & veggies stay fresh and edible… saving you lots of wasted food and wasted $$$.

Find out more details and order your Extra Life Produce Preserver Disks today and enjoy FREE SHIPPING on them (and your entire order!)

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