Thursday, June 11, 2009

Land Of The Lost -- Yikes!

Although I am one of those Moms that rarely has the chance to see a movie at the theatre, I have definitely been inspired by the summer releases these past weeks. I remember watching the wacky reruns of the TV show Land of the Lost with my brother. I didn't understand the existence of the Sleestaks. They were so slow and so inept at the use of the crossbow, one would have thought the dinosaurs would have devoured them in no time. There was also the strange little monkey boy. A little creepy... The Marshall family also struck me as some odd ducks. I have to admit I preferred the Lost in Space wackadoodles (aka the Robinson family) to the Marshalls. At least Penny was smart, and they had a cool robot. It is true that if a movie date arises, Land of the Lost is not high on the list; however, the summer movie "du jour" does let us celebrate some of Kobold's favorite toys. If you must see the film with your children, you can help revive some brain cells by linking learning to some of the key plot points.

Dinosaurs are prevalent in Land of the Lost. From the move previews I have seen, Rick Marshall is very misinformed about the T-rex. Be a paleontologist, dig and excavate the skeleton of the gigantic animals which hunted the Marshall family with the Dig-a-Dino kit. Assemble the skeletons. Pose it and display it. It's so cool!Each kit contains a plaster block with the skeletons buried, a special digging tool, a brush and display platform with with fun facts about the related dinosaur and Kidz Quiz (10 questions and answers about dinosaurs).

In addition to smoldering volcanoes and the dangerous jungle, the Marshall family also had to contend with giant insect men. Turn your child into a naturalist with the Bug Hut. The Bug Hut makes a beautiful home for any (size appropriate) bug children can find!

Crystals are a very important feature of the Land of the Lost TV show. I never understood why. Maybe if I had the 4M Crystal Mining Set I could have had a deeper appreciation of their role. The crystal mining set contains 1 plaster block with 8 natural crystals buried inside, 1 specially designed digging tool, 1 brush, 1 magnifier, 1 set display case with cover and base card, 1 pouch bag and detailed instructions with fun facts.

I referenced the strange monkey boy and the Sleestaks. All I can say is they were very interesting creatures. If your child likes the "strange," then try the Mudpuppy Monster Magnetic Toy. With mysterious backgrounds like haunted houses and alien planets and over 40 imaginative monster parts, you have everything you need to create scary, funny, and totally crazy monsters (like those that dominated 60s and 70s television shows).

Rick, Will and Holly Marshall found themselves in the Land of the Lost after a routine expedition went awry. Adventure is fun- but it can be short-lived if you don't have the necessary skills and knowledge to stay alive! Have fun learning!~ Ashley

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