Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shhhhh! It's a Secret

Here is a cross post from my blog http://snanimals.blogspot.com/2008/09/shhhhh-its-secret.html

Don't you just love secrets and specials (and sales and savings!) Well if so, head on over to http://www.snanimals.com/ Sister store at http://www.jlperillo.etsy.com/ (our etsy store!) We list shoes here, sometimes at discounts and specials that we can't always do at Snanimals. Start checking our our samples section, we're going to be posting sets of shoes in different sizes at deep discounts!

Here's a set of size 5 Halloween sneakers posted on the shop today at $18 (for both!)

Or these size 1 baby shoes for just $17.50 (yep, that's for both pairs!)

Lots already posted, many more to come so check back often! www.jlperillo.etsy.com

Monday, September 29, 2008

Two New Giveaways from Lady Lynn's Boutique

That's right, not one but two winners will be chosen at random to win a gift.
Go to Lady Lynn's Boutique Blog to enter this giveaway!
Good Luck!
Lady Lynn

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Have You Reserved Your Look Book Placement Yet?

Posh Mamas, get ready for a Look Book like you have never seen before! This holiday season, you are invited to shop the premier edition of the Posh Mama Look Book. Inside, you will find an inspired collection of gifts from Posh Mama owned businesses and beyond. We're going to make it easy to find the most unique and personal gifts on the web!

The deadline to reserve your product placement is near and we don't want you to miss your chance to be included! Don't let the opportunity to get hundreds of clicks to you site pass you by...you won't believe the value of this one!

Look for the Posh Mama Holiday Look Book debut on November 1st!

Please contact Margaret at margaret@poshmama.com for placement

Product photography of your clothing line

Need photographs of your upcoming clothing line?
Rosie :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

My Crocheted Sunflower Afghan Is In A Magazine!

I wrote a blog back in September about crocheting a pretty sunflower design afghan for my older daughter. I gave it to her on her birhtday in May and she loved it. I also posted a photo of the afghan on a website that I'm a member of called CraftStylish. I joined awhile back and uploaded a photo of this afghan. Well, they must have liked it because they sent me an email last month and asked if they could feature it in their magazine called "Gifts to Make"
I couldn't wait to get the magazine and see! Well, it's here! My sunflower afghan appears in just a small corner of a page, but I'm just tickled to have this honor. My daughter is overjoyed (and proud of her Mom).



Thursday, September 25, 2008

Holiday Photo Cards

The holidays are fast approaching so I'm excited to announce my line of holiday photo cards this year. These cards are fun and modern with a handmade touch.

You can personalize your cards with whatever text you like. Each card is printed on matte photo paper and mounted on metallic cardstock. They come with white or ecru linen envelopes with your return address printed on the back flap.

Click here to check out all the details.

"you make me laugh, so hard!"

"We're wondering whether one of your images is available for publication in our 2009 Celebrating Mothering wall calendar? The image is titled "You make me laugh so hard!" and is of a dad leaning back, making a face while holding baby on his stomach, baby laughing happily."

Thanks so much!
Art Director
Mothering Magazine

"you make me laugh, so hard!" will be published as part of the upcoming 2009 Mothering Magazine calendar

Rosie :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kiss My Style Fall Newsletter

Fall is here & that means reviving last seasons wardrobe with some fabulous new accessories, moisturize your skin from the dry air with amazing bath + body products and revamp your home with some extra flair that can take an existing piece of furniture and give it PIZAZZ!

Bath & Body:

Whipped Cream Soap is such a delightful fluffy treat for your skin! This thick, rich moisturizing cleanser foams up to produce a nice substantial velvety lather. This soap will make your skin feel luscious and leaves your body smelling divine!


You’ll want to slather yourself from head to toe in our decadent Whipped Body Frosting! It has a soft, fluffy texture that makes it irresistible. It absorbs quickly and completely into the skin for deep hydration without leaving any greasy residue



This is a 1" stained wood pendant that has been decoupaged with papers, and then sealed with a thick coat of resin. Sterling silver plated bail is attached.


Each one has been HANDPAINTED on a 1" ceramic tile with bright beautiful colors to choose from. Several layers of sealer have been applied to each of these for years of protection and beautiful glass like finish.



Give your furniture a little extra pizzazz with these beautiful hand painted drawer pulls decorated with fabulous vibrant colors and detail. These drawer pulls all measure 1.5 inches in diameter and will come complete with a 1 1/4" inches screw.


Magnet Sets:

A fun & funky gift, this set includes (3) 1 1/2" designer fabric covered magnets, an adorable tin adorned with coordinating designer paper. The tin is reusable and makes a great "little extra" to the set. A great teacher or grab bag gift!



Please enjoy $5 off your $35 purchase. At checkout use code: fiveoff

Thank you for shopping with Kiss My Style!



Cow Dress & Shoes, perfect for fall!

Check out http://www.chickpeahollow.etsy.com/ and all the adorable hand made outfits in her shop. Pictured here is her precious cow outfit for just $30:
And look how well it goes with our own pink cow sneaker (http://www.snanimals.com/):She also has a cow jumper outfit and makes lots of custom styles and colors. Great gift ideas too! Remember to check out our blog at http://snanimals.blogspot.com

Monday, September 22, 2008

Stop Your Whinin' !

NEW in The Taffy Box! Glass beaded wine stoppers with cutom hand stamped wording. This one says "Stop Your Whinin'"! But you could give one as a gift to the new bride and groom along with a bottle of wine and have the tag read their new last name...or you could offer a hostess a gift at the holidays which says Happy Holidays! The possibilities are endless (well, only if it FITS in the space provided!) You can custom request special bead colors as well. Read more and view more photos by clicking HERE ( Cost $16 plus shipping )

Friday, September 19, 2008

Weekend 50% off SALE

This weekend only for the first time I'm offering a 50% off sale.

Go to www.gigibelts.com and select any belt for 50% off. Wait for a new invoice to be sent to you through PayPal before you complete your purchase.

Do you have a baby shower you'll be attending soon or maybe you have a little one wearing a pair of jeans or shorts with belt loops.

Buy a GiGi Belt to complete your baby's look!

Go Ahead, Accessorize With Your Insulated Lunch Tote!

Finally! Insulated lunch totes as practical as they are stylish! Featuring water and stain resistant outer materials and fully insulated linings they will keep your lunch hot or cold for hours. The days of hiding your sad looking lunch bag under the desk are gone for sure- you’re going to want to swing this gorgeous lunch bag as your stroll into work each day. Who knows you might even pack a healthy lunch more often? At just $20 to 25 it’s a must have for the fall season.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vintage Inspired Baby Blanket The Isabella ~ Moomette's Magnificents Olde Towne Shoppes

Welcome to New England and Moomette's Magnificents Olde Towne Shoppes
"Simply Magnificent" Shopping, the Olde Towne New England Way!

#PT102. Vintage Inspired Baby Blanket The Isabella

Is there an upcoming Baby Shower or new grandkiddo in your future?

Perhaps you'd like to Start your Holiday Shopping Early!

Here's a beautifully handcrafted baby blanket that will grow with your baby. An absolutely precious cotton and minkee vintage inspired baby to toddler blanket.
This vintage patch baby floral blanket measures a generous 38"x40 inches, and is crafted from the finest irresistibly soft minky dot, pure cotton vintage inspired floral prints, and white cotton interlock fabrics finished off with a classic cotton crochet lace. The Isabella blanket features patches of a lovely rose print with a vibrant border.

A beautiful blanket, for a beatiful baby girl.

Perfect as a stroller blanket.

Visit Moomette's Magnificents Olde Towne Shoppes.

Product Photography - The little fine print just became bigger!

Potential client - Hi Rosie, I had contacted you awhile back regarding photography services. I need someone to redo the product photos on my site as they do not look professional enough for catalog use. I have 33 designs with 20+ more coming soon. Please remind me of your terms and pricing.

Rosie - Glad to hear from you.
I could do... Return shipping charges not included.
Let me know if you are ok with it... Once we agree on this project I'll be sending you a Paypal invoice for the entire amount prior to the photo session. I can take care of this project within 7 days...

Potential client - Can you give me specifics on copyright, terms, etc? Can I purchase unlimited use? I have web vendors who will use the photos on their sites as well as myself.
I am willing to pay more per image to have the copyright. The important thing is that the images all look the same. The problem that I have now is that the images on my site are sloppy looking in that they don't match and some of the backgrounds are showing up.
seems too cheap for your work in erasing the backgrounds, etc... I need someone who can "match" previous work. Can you do this? We are a brand new company and are starting to get noticed.

Rosie - My comments are, I do charge what I charge cause' I want to get long term contracts with my clients and I actually do.
I prefer to charge $xx.xx for a long time than give you a ridiculous price and just get a batch of products from you.
If you visit my website you'll notice I do place a couple of my customers pics as samples and part of my portfolio but they don't have any other use for me: Jobs done!
I can create a paper saying I transfer the rights of the pics to you, doesn't really make a difference to me.
I really prefer for you to take as much advantage of the images I create for you as you can, so that gives ME a good reputation, you know... word of mouth.
Cause' the way I work and the way I set it up every time I start a photoshoot I really make it easy on me, same set up all the time, just different items.
To be honest with you, if the pictures are taken correctly with the right equipment there is not much work to do while editing.
Yes, in this market i could charge you $xxx.xx a piece but... my target clientele are small businesses like yours and mine so I know in a way, product photography is a luxury.
I imagine it's a matter of time to start charging $xxx.xx per pic but right now I prefer to be affordable and reliable for a long period of time.
I saw the problem you have with your current images, which is basically the one all my clients have. That's why consistency is my main goal and I believe I accomplish it.
Regards, Rosie :)

Looking for unique fair trade clothes

This is a blog entry calling for all fashion designers that make unusual, unique clothes and would like to sell them through Cebra ethical chic. If your designs are made by small co-ops in third world countries or handmade by yourself then send me an email. I would like to list your items on our website for "sale on demand" meaning you must have them in stock at the sizes you want them displayed so that I can call them in on demand. I am looking for beautiful knitwear, trousers, shirts, dresses and they must be available in European sizes (i.e. 12, 14,16). Do get in touch - I look forward to hearing from you.

Sabine @

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Custom Shimmery!

I love making custom pieces - thank you Paula for letting my creative juices flow! This scarf is made of 5 different yarns blended together for a shimmery cream & pink effect. I like the little flecks of gold - it adds life! It's a long one at 10' long made with a blend of cotton, wool, acrylic, metallic yarns.

If you are interested in a custom order, please start putting them in! email me at meg@kismystyle.com to get them to you by Christmas!


Autumnal Hats

The Sheeps Clothing range of pure wool open knit hats are perfect for that in between weather.

Like all knits in the Sheeps Clothing range, they are knitted from pure Australian wool, which is sure to keep you or your little one warm, yet the open nature of the knit guards against over heating.

Our sweet knitted flower feature attaches with brooch fastening so it can be removed for washing or repositioned elsewhere.

Please visit our Etsy store or website for images of the full colour range.

The beautiful photos shown here are by Melissa Niu and more photographic loveliness can be seen at Melissa's website.

Your Business Identity

Once you have taking the leap and decided to take your "hobby" to the next level, it usually means you are instantly a business person. That doesn't mean you enjoy it, or even aspire to the business side of things. But it does mean you need to take some things more seriously, and one of those things is your identity.

The first thing you will need is a name for your company. Maybe you already have one that you use, but is it "right" for you? There are a couple things to consider in naming your business:
  • Does it describe what it is that you do? Will be people be able to figure out what your craft is?
  • Is someone already using that name? That's as easy as "doing a Google"! Type it in and see what comes up!
  • Don't use JUST your own name...not yet! When you get to be Martha Stewart or Amy Butler, then go for it...but if might first take some time!
  • Does it look okay visually, or even sound okay? Write it down and say it out loud over and over...would YOU go check that company out?
  • Make sure it's not too long, too difficult to remember, or too hard to spell. And don't try to be funny...not everyone get's humor.
So you have a name, what next? Now you need to have a logo designed. After working in THAT industry for 12 years, I have lot's of input...but that's for another post. Come back to find out some hints and tricks to creating a logo for your newly named business!!

I would love to hear some of your company names. I always get a kick out of perusing Etsy and reading them, but honestly...there are only a few that stick with me. Take your time, think about it, get some opinions, but don't waste anymore time!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Costume Fun from Snanimals!

Have a little ladybug or bumblebee this Halloween? Don't forget their shoes! At Snanimals we hand paint the cutest maryjanes and sneakers to complement almost any costume but hands down the most popular are the ladybugs and bumblebees! But don't forget us if you have monkeys, bears, frogs, pumpkins or lions!!

Head on over to www.snanimals.com to see them all! And don't forget our posh20 coupon for 20% off your order!

Don't forget to visit our sister site:
Posh Mama, The Hip Hangout for Haute Mamas!