Thursday, April 23, 2009

Zip A Dee Doo Dah! Zip Bins!

Spring Break. Summer Vacation. Grandparent's House. Family Reunion. These all lead to toy transportation issues and general headaches for the parent.

Kobold is a fan of the ZipBin from Neat-Oh! ZipBins are a line of attractively designed, transportable and collapsible interactive storage products that unzip to become activity or play surfaces, and then zip back up to storage bin form. Click here to view a product demo video!

THESE ARE TERRIFIC! At Kobold Toys, you can find a ZipBin in the shape of an airport, racetrack, horse stable, train depot and fairy castle. Kobold's favorites include:

ZipBin Street Racer
ZipBin® Street Racer Playpack™ is a backpack that looks like and is shaped like a race car. It’s the perfect way to carry your vehicles. And then it opens to reveal a city street with drivable roadways. Now it’s the perfect place to play with those vehicles. And it includes two die cast sports cars.

ZipBin Airport
ZipBin® Shape Airport looks like and is shaped like an airplane hangar. It’s the perfect way to store and carry your planes, helicopters and airport vehicles. It opens to reveal an operating airport with runway, control tower, heliport and hanger. Now it’s the perfect place to play with those toys. Airport includes a 3 inch die cast propeller-driven plane!

ZipBin Fairy Castle
The Fairy Castle bin's attractive, colorful exterior looks great in your child's room. When the bin is unzipped, it becomes a play mat! This activity center is perfect for dolls, ponies and other animals. Fantasy play is encouraged with a sparkling castle, a magic forest, an enchanted waterfall and shimmering ponds. This Playset includes two fairy dolls.

This Country Stable Playset features Safari Ltd.® collectible Replicas! The soft-sided horse barn converts to a rider’s delight. The Playscape™ features two barns, a pond, a training paddock and ample corral. This is a must have for every horse lover.

ZipBin is the perfect solution to toy storage- at home and on holiday. Happy Travels!

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