Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Guitar Hero? Give me a Basoon Hero!

I recently read an article about “endangered instruments.” These are instruments like the oboe, tuba, clarinet, bassoon, and string bass. I agree that “Oboe Hero” and “Bassoon Hero” are not as appealing as “Guitar Hero” so I am glad that there are Endangered Instrument Programs (EIP) across cities in the US that work to expose children to the wonders and magic of music and to make these instruments “cool” too.

I believe music is an essential ingredient in raising a healthy and happy child and promoting self-discovery. Cognitive and early learning experts continue to provide indisputable evidence that exposure to music education provides long-term benefits. I enrolled both of my children in Kindermusik programs, and I believe first hand that this foundation has and will continue to be essential to their learning and development. Songs and lullabies communicate feelings and expose infants and toddlers to joy and love. Music has proven to impact memory and the development of crucial language skills. It helps children learn to listen actively. Music reinforces logical and perceptual ideas of beginning and ending and harmony and dissonance. It can be used to familiarize children with counting, colors, vocabulary, emotions, and the wonders of the world.

Our house is full of noise, and I prefer it to be music whether classical, rock, country, children’s classics or my daughter’s latest song creation. Instruments and musical books, CDs and DVDs are wonderful gifts for the children in your lives.

Kobold, our rascal goblin and toy connoisseur, loves to play with instruments. He especially likes the offerings from Tatiri, an Italian brand collection that emphasizes beautiful, attractive, lovely, colorful, young and dynamic items. The company has strict safety regulations with regard to materials and manufacturing so you can feel good about the safety of the instrument. PlanToys also has a wonderful collection of musical toys that are of course eco-friendly and fun.

I know all of our little pirates and cowboys and princesses may not gravitate towards an instrument- but remind them that pirates love a good sea shanty….cowboys play their banjos and violins on the prairie…and it is a royal mandate that princesses know how to play at least one instrument, so why not the recorder! ?

Rock It Out Mr. Bassoon Man!~ Ashley

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