Monday, August 24, 2009

Where in The World...

Mimsi and Papa C left over a week ago for a European holiday with another couple. This is their first big vacation without their children since the 80s, and let me tell you I am annoyed! They are on a cruise ship which whether at sea or in the harbor apparently has no internet service... phones lines are cut... you get my drift. Except for one barely coherent text three days into their excursion, I have received zero communication that would let me know where they are or what they are doing. I have sent them several texts since that seems to be their preferred means of communication, and in return....crickets. Not a peep! I keep thinking this must be some kind of payback for my poor communication through college and my 20s... or my mom's wacky version of Roman Holiday. My only solace is that Mr. K (one of their travel companions) does not take any guff from anyone so I feel pretty confident that if my parents have been attacked by pirates or have wandered off, he has it under control.

I share this little travel story with you because I am in travel mode and have been thinking about all the incredible architecture and culture my parents are hopefully experiencing. This leads me to share with you the amore Kobold Toys is feeling for ArchiQuest, the latest offering from Shure. Archiquest is a collection of a sets of wooden blocks inspired by some of the world's most famous architectural buildings. The heirloom-quality blocks are decorated with motifs of different cultures: Ancient China, Egypt's Wonders, Medieval Europe, the Byzantine Legends, and the Roman Empire. What we LOVE is that each set of blocks is accompanied by a hardbound book of up to 86 pages that explains the significance of decorative symbols and architectural elements. Your child is able to discover the ways in which architecture reflects culture, values and human accomplishments.

Each book also provides illustrated building plans to create the structures of the various cultures and time periods. Explore the fascinating architecture and design of ancient China with Dragons and Pagodas: China’s Treasures. This unique architectural building system promises hours of fun and discovery with a 50-page hardbound educational book, which includes an architectural timeline, building ideas, and much more. In this set 50 heirloom-quality wooden blocks are laminated with unique hand painted artwork featuring motifs inspired by real-life architectural masterpieces such as the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven.

Go west and experience the engineering advances and architectural masterpieces of ancient Rome with Empire and Arches: Rome’s Magnificence. Build your own Coliseum (possible last sighting of Mimis and Papa C!) or Roman Temples. Maybe you want to have access to all of the great architural feats- then try the Deluxe World Fusion set which contains 218 blocks that showcase details from 6 different architectural stylings reflecting the times of pharaohs, czars, kings, dragons, mosaics and arches. The heirloom-quality wooden blocks are laminated with unique hand painted artwork featuring motifs inspired by real-life architectural masterpieces such as Beijings Forbidden City, St. Marks Cathedral in Venice, the Great Pyramids of Egypt, and many more!

The blocks come in a solid wood box with sliding lid, handy for storage. Each block unit is made of solid pine and has been coated with a protective Permaseal laquer finish, preserving them for generations. Appropriate for ages 5+. To learn more about this line from Shure or to explore more about architecture, visit

These blocks are on the wish list of any budding architect, world traveler, and art lover. Archiquest epitomizes Kobold Toys' mantra of Have fun learning! as these blocks and books inspire learning and adventure, and we are excited to offer these wonderful blocks to you and your family.

Have a great week and please let me know if you see Mimsi and Papa C anywhere....

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