Friday, August 14, 2009

Welcome To The Future

We are in travel mode this month. Monday I spent 14 hours traveling from Massachusetts to Virginia. Thank you for your sympathies. The good news is that Miss E will wear earphones while the movies play so I only have to listen to her belt out lyrics from High School Musical and not the entire cast. While traveling in luxury at 1 MPH through New York City at rush hour, I was thinking about the Jetsons and my lost hope in the hovercar. What is a traffic-addled mom to believe in when the promise of jetpacks and space travel seems to be fading fast. I am grateful for Tivo, but where are the technocratic travel wonders for which I have been hoping?

Well, there is hope, people. Automoblox = inspiration. The Automoblox cars are cool. And I mean really cool. and simple. and fun. The wooden collection of cars and trucks has a mix-and-match design system that puts your child in charge of the finished product. Designed to inspire young engineers, each car comes apart into interchangeable components, so your child can combine them to dream up new vehicles while building problem-solving, shape-matching, and creative thinking skills.

Kobold Toys wants you to Beat the Heat and celebrate the creativity of Automoblox. Use this week's discount code 5GFQC5 to save 10% on the Autoblox X9-X Green Sport Utility. This fabulous wooden sport utility vehicle defines off-road chic. Equipped with running boards, front and rear skid plates, roof rack and spare tire, this "king of the road" has an increased ride height over the X9, not to mention deep grassy accents and rugged charcoal wheels.

You can also use this code on any Automoblox available at Kobold Toys. Check out the mini line which is a scaled down version of the full sized Automoblox. They fit in the palm of your hand!

And for all you August travelers... a Beat the Heat favorite quote: In America there are two classes of travel - first class, and with children. ~Robert Benchley
Happy Travels!

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