Monday, October 20, 2008

Cebra is looking for reps

Want to work from home in your own time and no hard sell?

I've decided I need enthusiastic women selling my fair trade eco range from home. Meaning you can sell it either via your own website, as an affiliate, at fairs and shows, by hosting fairtrade eco parties or through a brochure.
In that respect I need your input. What type of "selling" would interest you the most, what would you feel comfortable with?
If you want to sell through my brochure then I'd need to get feedback as to how many I need to print and what you would like to sell - handbags, jewellery, skin care....?
If you are interested in drop shipping - i.e. you don't have to stock the goods and you don't have to buy them in advance - then that's an option too.
If you want to stock products then you won't have to buy a minimum amount - take for example my wooden toothbrushes (yes - they are cropping up left, right and center) : no need to take 100 in one go. On the other hand, drop shipping would probably be a bit strange with those, but I don't mind... every little helps as the saying goes.
I can give lots of hand holding and advice and there is no hard sell involved. Just go with the flow or go berserk. It's up to you really. Whatever suits you. Ideal for dipping your toe into the retail market and no big outlay costs...
Drop me a line and we can discuss things.
Oh and by the way - all my affiliates receive a link from my website to theirs (see "wholesale"). And as Cebra ranks fairly high in Google that is a pretty good deal...

Sabine @

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