Sunday, October 19, 2008

Counting 123 Book

My little guy is almost 18 months old. Not only are we working on learning the letters of the alphabet, but we are also practicing our numbers too! I teach high school mathematics and I was very excited when my little guy first recognized the number 8! I knew that my next crafting project was going to be making him a fabric numbers book to read. He loves books! Each page on in this book has Paddington Bear blowing bubbles, flying a kite or up to some other activity. Since I have made this book for my little guy, less than a week ago, he has learned two more numbers - 2 and 6! We read with him for at least half an hour everyday. It is so nice to have a handmade fabric book created by his mama mixed in with all of the board books. I have even added a loop at the top of the book so that I can easily clip it to his stroller. If you would like a counting fabric book for your little one, I have listed them in my Etsy Shop, New England Quilter.

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