Saturday, August 23, 2008

Put it in Your Wish Pot

Do you know about Wish Pot? I just found it myself, forgive me if I'm way behind. Anyhow it is a fabulous site where you can create a free account and a button comes up on your toolbar so that you can create gift lists for your loved ones, wish lists for yourself to share with your loved ones (it doesn't really feel like a hint if you don't say it out loud), and organize everything in one spot.

You don't have to bookmark pages and try to remember what they were there for when your neices birthday rolls around - just create a gift list specifically for her - very easy and convenient. LOVE IT!

You can imagine my surprise (read delight) when I found out that the No Slip Charlie was already featured on a Baby Must Have list from one of my reviewers, Wendy Stetson, of Babies Gotta Have It! I am so thrilled to know that moms to be can find the No Slip Charlie and add it to their registry - even if they can't find it in stores (yet!).

"Wet Babies are Slippery... Get a Grip!"

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