Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Are YOU a Babywearing Mama?????

I truly believe that every mom should have a Moby Wrap! Whether you have one baby or are an experienced mom, babywearing sure does have it's benefits..... From hands-free bonding to walks without a stroller, the Moby is the best way to wear your baby!

Moby D Baby Carrier by Moby Wrap-moby d, moby wrap, baby carrier, baby wrap

There are several different colors and styles from which to choose. The black silk is my favorite, because it's so versatile... I recently wore it, with Baby Noah, to a black tie event, and then again for 14 hours (yes, 14 whole hours, without any discomfort!) while roaming the streets of New York city. I love my Moby(s)!

There are not many places where the Moby is available, other than here on the internet... You can purchase them from Moby directly or from a myriad of shops and boutiques online. I am constantly asked about my black silk Moby and where it can be purchased, so I decided to sell them myself! That's right, you can now purchase your very own Moby (or one to give to a very lucky mom-They make a great baby shower gift) from me.

I am offering 10% off the retail price of any Moby Wrap that I have in stock, with FREE shipping!! So, treat yourself AND your baby and email me for prices and styles available. You'll both be glad you did!!


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