Friday, January 11, 2008

Call for Designers ~ Indie Peddler

HI everyone ~ I am starting a new home party plan company called Indie Peddler ~ a cool, hip, modern indie home party plan and I am looking for designers.

Here are two links if you’d like to read more about how the concept came about and my Call for Designers post:

Because there will be limited spots, I won't be able to accept all of those that are interested nor will I carry your entire line but rather, I will choose items that I think will be popular with my target market. (hip & modern women and/or moms with a higher income and interested in supporting indie businesses) Initially, I will be taking items on a consignment basis (60/40 split) but eventually, will be phasing in wholesale accounts. So, I would also like to see your wholesale policies.


1. Baby/Mom 2 Be (with a subcategory for organic) - clothing, toys, room decor, personalized gifts, blankets, bibs...

2. Eco-Friendly - cloth napkins, menstrual pads, soap, laundry soap, grocery bags, recycled goods...

3. Trendy kids & tweens - tees, bags, socks, jewelry, books, hair stuff, school stuff...

4. Chic Chick - jewelry, accessories, hair stuff, notecards, personalized stationary...

5. Bath, Body & Candle

6. Indie Wedding

If you are interested email me at: I can send you a copy of the Agreement for review.


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