Monday, December 31, 2007

I Resolve to Never Diet Again

10 Reasons WHY You too Should Resolve NOT to Diet in 2008

As the New Year draws near, I know a lot of us are considering weight loss or getting into shape as a resolution. Diets are undoubtedly one of the most common methods for attempting to achieve this goal. If plan to you "go" on a diet - I'd like to show you where it will "take' you.
#1 - - Diets Do NOT Work... Diets have a 99% Failure Rate. Have you noticed a pattern yet? Lose weight....quickly regain it? Over time, studies show if you diet you are more likely to be overweight than people who eat normally and make small gradual changes to their lifestyle. No, the Law of Averages does not apply to this faulty system.

#2 Dieting can be Dangerous. Any time you severely restrict the amount or types of foods you eat you put your health and life at risk. At no point should you ever place weight loss above your health.

#3 Dieting Destroys your Metabolism. In the initial stages, the first seven to nine pounds lost are water and the break down of lean muscle due to inefficient nutrients and calories. Any muscle loss will cause your metabolism slow to a crawl.

#4 Dieting is Exhausting. Not eating enough or cutting out certain food groups means your body may not be getting the energy it needs, or may lack certain nutrients. You will feel exhausted, light headed and experience some not-so-fun mood swings.

#5 Dieting is Disruptive. It is common to override your internal signals telling you to eat, you end up trying to use willpower or resist hunger signals and may even go as far as taking appetite suppressants, causing you to be unable to know when you really are hungry or worse....when you're full.

#6 Dieting can lead to eating disorders. High rates of eating disorders in the U.S. are due in part to people dieting, losing weight, rebounding, and becoming chronic dieters.

#7 Dieting causes food Obsessions. If you spend a large amount of time and energy depriving yourself of food or certain types of food - you will spend more time thinking about food. How long do you want to live like this?

#8 Dieting Diminishes Women. There is way too much attention focused on our appearance and an arbitrary number on the scale. In the midst of this focus - we end up avoiding what really matters to us - our dreams and ambitions. Even worse, it erodes our confidence and self-respect.

#9 Dieting Intensifies Negativity. If you diet, you are more critical and judgmental of yourself and others. Once again, wasted time and energy.

#10 Diets Put Your Life on Hold. Does this sound familiar...."I'll be happy when I weigh ______" Guess what, the issues in your life are not related to your weight. Take responsibility and take back control of your life. Decide to be happy now and do what it takes to live a lifestyle that reflects your priorities.

Diets are nothing more than a Temporary Solution with many lingering, negative side effects.

Diets will only make you fatter.

So this New Year resolve to NOT go on a Diet - Set Yourself Free from this miserable, guaranteed to fail weight loss cycle. Do NOT let the diet industry make money by taking advantage of you. It is time to stand up for yourself and take control.
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oh my goodness that picture just made me so happy and grateful I am on the FIT YUMMY MUMMY Program as I NEVER EVER EVER want to look like that!

Seriously, if you have not joined this affordable and complete program I highly recommend you do so now. She is the BEST coach and expert on being healthy and looking good. Seriously if you do not believe me just watch one of her YouTube Workout videos. Search for Holly Rigsby Fit Yummy Mummy and you will see what I mean.

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Much love and Happy New Year,

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