Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My children tell me they are freezing to death (or at least Miss E is sharing this proclamation with me). Little C prefers to stomp his feet and just say "Brrrrrrrrrrr." Ahh, the joys of January. The tree is down, the lights are packed away, and the boxes of decorations all stacked away in the attic. The cold reality that winter is here can no longer be disguised by reindeers, ribbons and mistletoe. Every errand requires an additional 20 minutes of layering and dressing (I am sure you true "Northerners" are giggling, but to girls raised in the deep south, 24 degrees is COLD).

January is the month in which many parents must dig deep into their resources for indoor activities. You might relax the rules a little and allow elaborate forts out of the den cusions or even sofa dancing "Flashdance" style...anything to get the ya-yas out! After baking goodies for everyone on your street (cupcakes and cookies are great distractions, but not for the new year's diet plan!) and extracting snowflakes and collages out of the remaining construction paper, rest assured your little friend Kobold has some ideas to keep the troops entertained! The best part is that you only have to open the door to pick up the delivery box - no need to bundle up and brave the winds when winter crafts can come right to the doorstep!

Kobold's top three picks for keeping busy and having fun learning are:

1. Any craft kit from 4M. Dinosaur bone digging.... rocket projects. These incredible kits, $15.99 and under, are perfect for the winter doldrums. Kobold especially likes the Princess Window Mosaic and the Soda Can Robug (a "green" robot!).

2. Games! Kobold loves the games from German company Ravensburger. Known for their puzzles and games, Kobold is recommending Teddy Bear Mix & Match (cards are shaped like bears!) and Tell-A-Story Game. In the Tell-A-Story game each player uses their memory skills to try to be the first player to collect all five story cards about a single character. Once all of the players have collected all of their story cards, they arrange their cards to tell a story of their choice. This game encourages children to develop their imagination and creativity as well as logical thinking and language skills.

3. Puzzles are a tried and true favorite of our little Kobold. The 2 foot x 3 foot jumbo Fire Engine Shaped Floor Puzzle by Shure is oversized, durable, glossy pieces printed with colorful, hand-painted artwork are big fun for little puzzlers! Kobold also offers floor puzzles from Mudpuppy and the more advanced "Discover The World" Puzzleball by Ravensburger. Discover The World Puzzleball includes 540 pieces and is 8.5" in diameter when completed. The puzzle comes with its own stand so you can celebrate the accomplishment and keep it safe from the curious fingers of little brothers and sisters.

Kobold Toys also offers building blocks, art supplies and the very best of toys to promote learning so visit the site for more ideas for entertaining your own children or the must-have gift.
Kobold and his team wish you and your family a very happy and healthy 2010. We are grateful for your support of Kobold Toys, and look forward to sharing our favorite finds from around the world with you again this year.

Stay warm and have fun learning!

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