Monday, October 12, 2009

Celebrate Discovery!

Columbus Day honors the day Christopher Columbus discovered America. The first Columbus Day celebration was held in New York City in 1792 - the city celebrated the 300th anniversary of the landing. Columbus Day has been celebrated annually since 1920. I am sure many of your children are learning about Christopher Columbus this mon and grateful for the holiday. It is a wonderful time to celebrate discovery with crafts and projects.
Miss E is just starting to ask questions about the world. And a globe is on her growing wish list for Santa Claus. Kobold Toys is happy to share some of our favorite toys to help expand your child's mind about the world in which we live.
Kobold loves the Ravensburger Children's Globe which builds on the 3D puzzle concept. The strong, durable and slightly curved puzzle pieces fit together very well, to ensure a secure ball once complete. It is easy to assemble and has great stability. The puzzle comes with a booklet that includes information about different locations around the world making this puzzle a complete learning experience.
The Global Adventure Book set from Barefoot Books is a perfect gift for your young explorer. The set includes We All Went on Safari: A Counting Journey Through Tanzania, We’re Sailing Down the Nile: A Journey through Egypt, and My Granny Went to Market: A Round the World Counting Rhyme. This set is packed in an eco-friendly, reusable green shopper tote with a gift tag to personalize.
Mudpuppy's challenging new 100-piece U.S.A. States & Capitals puzzle comes in an irresistible hinged storage tin. The illustrations by Janell Genovese keep the fun factor!
We also love the Culture Club Tote which introduces your child to to different cultures with five multicultural dolls. The zipper tote features five outside clear pockets, each sporting a soft 5" doll that represents a different culture. Also, included with the tote is a flashcard with how to say "hello" in Spanish, French, Swahili, Hindi, and Mandarin. Everything is soft and surface washable.
And as they say in Spain, Diviértete aprendiendo!

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