Monday, October 19, 2009

The Advent Of Christmas

You can pretend you are still distracted by pumpkins and spiderweb decor, but I know you are starting those holiday lists! (And if you are not, and you still need to catch up on Halloween fun, check out the offerings at Kobold Toys!).

So it is official, Kobold and I are getting ready for Christmas!!! My family has been in search of a fun and reusable advent calendar for the past few years. We have picked the cardboard ones up at the bookstore in the past, and they are fine... but an advent calendar is supposed to be a special calendar that you use to count down the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas.

Our little Kobold has found some adorable advent calendars that meet the needs of beauty, fun, and longevity.

Mudpuppy's At the North Pole Advent Calendar is a fun, creative way to count down the days to Christmas! First choose your favorite 24 stickers (bears, reindeer, snow angels, skiers, stars, snowmen, etc.) and place them on the calendar squares. Each day of Advent, move one sticker from the square onto the calendar board's background picture to build a scene. On Christmas Eve, your beloved adds Santa. The stickers are reusable, so you can vary the scene year by year.

We also offer Mudpuppy's Christmas Tree Advent Calendar to help you enjoy a festive December. First choose your favorite stickers (illustrated by Janell Genovese) and place them on the calendar Squares. Then beginning December 1, move one ornament from the calendar to the tree until it is decorated. On December 24, add the angel to the tree top.

The Playmobil Christmas in the Forest Advent Calendar features 24 different items to open up each day of December. This Advent Calendar also features a fun backdrop that all of the prizes can be played with in. With this advent calendar kids not only count backwards till Christmas but won't stop playing with the addition of each new figurine every day. Playmobil also offers the Unicorn Fairy Advent Calendar for the princess set.

Stifle those Bah Humbugs! Christmas is only 66 days away, so start planning now! Kobold Toys is adding new toys and games every day, as well as holiday decor for the little ones, so please visit the site for the latest must-haves for your beloved.

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