Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ditch the Plastic With Eco-Friendly Produce Bags

Why should you stop using those plastic produce bags? Well did you know that plastics do not actually degrade? They break down in the environment into harmful plastic dust! Countless animals have been found to have plastic bags in their stomachs.We use upwards of 4 trillion plastic bags per year and those bags are created using millions of gallons of oil! So what's an eco-friendly girl to do?

Start using healthy, lightweight produce bags made with natural cotton. There are many styles and options available these days so finding the right bag for you has never been easier. At Kir DeVries we offer a dozen different reusable produce bag options. All of our bags are easy to wash, dry, store and tote. You can use them at the store to gather your produce, store the produce in the bags at home and tuck them into your purse or reusable shopping bag for your next trip to the market (or farmer's market!). Stop by today and choose the right produce bag for your family. With our new scratch & save coupon you can even save on every order, making Kir the most economical place to shop for your reusable cotton produce bags.

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