Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bow To The Princess, Please

As you may guess from reading this blog, my daughter, Miss E, is not into pink or princesses. She was a knight for Halloween last year and insisted that her eight month old brother serve as her pet dragon. She does not concern herself with the woes of the Disney princesses, and she prefers the adventures of the Swiss Family Robinson or SpaceDogs. At our first playdate with a girl from her class, she repeatedly came downstairs to complain that all her friend wanted to do was dress up in girly clothes... the horror!

However, my neice, Miss A, is the epitome of a princess. Miss A is a beauty with the delicate features and demeanor of the most lovely of royalty. When it comes to shopping for Miss A, I just buy the opposite of what I would purchase for my darling daughter. My sister-in-law does an excellent job maintaining her family blog, and Miss A is always twirling, singing, and acting the role of the princess.

Since I am feeling a little fatigued by blue, dinosaurs, and sassy pirate talk, I am going to celebrate pink today and honor Miss A with all things fit for a princess. Here are some suggestions courtesy of Kobold Toys for the princesses in your life!

It is essential that a princess own a cape and hand bag. The Secret Pocket Princess Cape is pink and purple satin and has pockets inside to keep all her personal princess "valuables"! And on the back is a clear pocket to display her own crest or dazzling designs. Pair with the purple princess goody bag (also available in yellow and tan). Très cute!

Every princess relies on a regal pal to help her mind her "Ps and Qs." Princess Seraphina comes ready for the ball or other royal adventure, complete in her beautiful double-layered gown and bejeweled crown. Maybe you have a little fairy godmother in you and want to whip up your own Cinderalla. Consider the Princess Doll Making Kit by 4M. No pins or needles are required- just a quick "bippity, boppity, boo!", tape, glitter, etc. (all included) and you have a princess ready for a name (she also comes with a birth certificate) and a kingdom.

If your royal wannabe has a crafty side, consider the Color Me Puzzle Enchanted Kingdom or the Princess Window Mosaic. Wonderful distractions/projects when the heat is too much or the castle is under seige!

Finally, for pretend play, consider the magical castle by Playmobil. This elaborate castle even comes with a crown for your princess to wear. All you need is imagination! The layout makes it easy for your princess to play with visiting knights and other royal court members. The castle comes with a princess, prince, white horse (naturally!), and many other accessories. Expand the castle with the Royal Bedroom, Royal Kitchen and Royal Nursery. And if you have my daughter coming over for a playdate, you may want to add the Red Dragon for dramatic castle attacks! It may keep her upstairs during a play date!

Have a "pretty in pink" Monday or if you are like me, prepare to face a blue skort and spiderman t-shirt wearing "anti-girls" girl.

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