Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rainy Days & Mondays

The Carpenters were on to something with their 1971 hit - rainy days and Mondays can REALLY get you down. Although my children are feeling better, we have been besieged by less than favorable weather. Sick children and rain - not a winning combination. In fact, my daughter looked out the window today, put her hands on her hips, and stated "I am NOT happy."

Yesterday, Kobold provided some ideas for toys on the go. In case our "rain, rain go away" dance is ineffective, today we offer you some toy ideas when you are house bound due to illness or weather.

Made by Me Vehicle Kit. Your child can construct and decorate a truck, train, tugboat and tractor.

We love puzzles in our house, especially the scenes created by the artists at Mudpuppy. Their line of Color Me puzzles has a beautiful scene on one side (sea, rush hour, and enchanted kingdom) and on the reverse side the same scene blank waiting for your child to color to his/her taste.

If a storm unnerves your child, consider the story of Rumble & Bolt - a simple story of a friendship that develops between a thunder cloud and a lightning bolt. It's a playful explanation to comfort the young hearts and minds of all children.

For the crafty child, Kobold recommends the Mosaic kits by 4M - dolphins, fairies, mermaids, and princess. No glue, no mess and a colorful project everyone can enjoy when the sun finally shines again!

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