Monday, May 18, 2009

Here Come The Mutant Warriors!

Kobold is a devoted friend of the Papo figures from the Allosaurus to the rhinoceros. The French company has been producing hand painted figures that stimulate the imagination of children since1983. The quality of the pieces and the overall attention to detail can not be matched. Papo offers knights, wild west figures, pirates, equestrians and animals, and Kobold is happy to bring you the fantastic mutant warriors to add to your collection. Meet Croc Man, Lion Man, Tiger Man and Rhino Man (I am sure a female version is under development... hint, hint!).

Experts say that the "superhero" character has an important role in the playroom. Superheroes, like Lion Man, let your child explore the dangers of the world through pretend play. As they process the concept of good versus evil and work to confront their own fears, superhero play allows your child to problem-solve, gain a sense of control, and develop their own empathy skills. I believe it is important to observe and be a part of the play from time to time. Every once in a while, my daughter's pretend play with her animals and little people can escalate to aggressive talk that I don't really want to endorse. I try to ask what is happening and offer alternative responses to the behavior. Other times, I just sit back and laugh silently at the scenes she creates.

According to my four year old nephew, Papo's mutant warriors are "cool." And if your child's castle or fortress is under attack by "bad guys" you'll want these "cool" guys as your back-up!

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