Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dragons are a Child's Best Friend

The highly anticipated movie How to Train Your Dragon debuts tomorrow.  From what I have read about it, this is  a film Miss E (aka Prince E of Bellis) can get excited about at last.    The film involves a boy named Hiccup (this will immediately win her over) and a toothless dog he befriends that is actually a rare dragon (this will make her want a baby dragon instead of a goat or dog).  In the reviews I have seen, there is no pink and no princesses.  Miss E will be thrilled!

Kobold has picked his favorite royal gifts and toys for the dragon slayer in your household:

Every brave knight desires his or her castle.  Choose from the DIY decoration of the Dragonrock Castle by Calafant, The Royal Castle by Educo, or the Knights Empire Castle by Playmobil.

The adventurous knight, like Hiccup, will need some dragons to adopt as pets.  Kobold is a fan of the Bloco set of dragons and reptiles that lets your child's imagination lead the way.


If your beloved requires a life-size escape, Kobold suggests the Knight Play Tent from Haba.  The Knight Play Tent creates a wonderful imaginative play space. The  tent comes with an upholstered padded floor mat and is adorned with a  royal flag. (The tent is suspended from the ceiling.)  There is not enough room for a pet dragon...

For the dragon slayer who requires a bedtime story,  Kobold's required night time prince reading includes The Prince's Bedtime and Herb, the Vegetarian Dragon. 

We are going to try to see the movie in the coming weeks...but if not, we'll dress up in our knight's armor, grab our swords, storm the neighborhood, (all while listening to "We Will Rock You" A Knight's Tale style) and let any villain know that "he has been weighed, he has been measured, and he has been found  wanting."

Have fun learning this weekend!


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