Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Peaceful Fun With Mandalas

Kobold Toys has been stocking the shelves for 2010 with new finds from around the globe. Kobold is especially excited about the new items we are offering from the award-winning German game and puzzle company Ravensburger.

Today we are highlighting the Mandala designers by Ravensburger. Mandalas are simple to complicated designs that are used primarily for relaxation and entertainment purposes. It is widely known as an ancient Buddhist graphic symbol of the universe. Its purpose is to demonstrate the interconnectedness of all things. The January 2010 of Smithsonian Magazine shares the story of how Buddhist monks came to the Sackler Gallery following 9/11 to help Americans heal by creating a sand mandala. As part of the Buddhist belief that life is transitory, after the mandala was finished (two weeks!) they swept the finished product into the Potomac River.

The Mandala designers by Ravensburger let your child use the set for fun or for educational purposes. The circle with a center pattern of a mandala is viewed as a pattern of nature, and is seen in biology, geology, chemistry, physicans and astronomy. The creation and coloring of the mandala can help teach your child patience and even basic geometric symmetry.

The Mandala designers available at Kobold Toys include the Mandala Classic, Mandala Deco Designer, and the Mandala Wonderful Horses Designer. These kits enable your child to create a fundamental structures from one simple design disk. We can't promise your child will achieve inner peace, but they will have fun learning.

Kobold has several other new products from Ravensburger to share with you:

The Dinosaur Mix n Match Game is an adorable variation of the usual matching game as it uses footprint shaped cards to represent the various dinosaurs.

Dress Up Duel Puzzle includes 35 pieces and is a fun project for the age 4+ set on family night.

Have fun learning numbers with the Ready, Set
, Count! game. What do you learn during the fun? Number recognition of numbers 1 -10 and different ways numbers can be represented.

Don't miss the entire collection of games and puzzles from Ravensburger- perfect for ages 3+. Have a wonderful weekend!

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