Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Envirosax Styles Introduced

Now through February 28, we're offering an Envirosax Coupon to save 10% off your purchase at! Simply enter coupon CANDY during checkout to receive the savings. We're celebrating the spring introduction of 2 new styles - candy and oxford.

The Envirosax Candy design is a striking mix of bold purples with accents of blue, tan and black shades... with a retro 1970's Italian runway look. Definitely for the urban chic among us.

The Envirosax Oxford design is a soft, understated collection of earthy tans and greens in various prints including soft camo, argyle, plaid and solids. Very gender neutral and for those who don't wish to have their accessories stand out, but rather blend well with their wardrobe.

Both new styles continue the same Envirosax features we love - wide/long shoulder straps for a comfortable fit, ability to hold 40 pounds per bag, waterproof material, durable and each bag rolls up to a compact tiny little bundle and snaps shut, with the ability to toss 5 handy bags in the little included pouch so you have them wherever you go.

These 2 new designs are the latest in the collection already featuring Envirosax Mikado, Flora, Botanica, Retro, Kitchen and Amazonia. Many stores offer a 5 to 10 cent refund per reusable bag EVERY time you shop! It may seem small, but over the course of a year or two, it will pay for your bags.

A great ecofriendly gift for friends or family, using these reusable bags also is estimated to save each person approx 500 disposable grocery bags from being sent to the landfill each year... now that's doing a lot of good for a little effort!

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SoBella Creations said...

Cute and Stylish reusable bags. They would be perfect for the Farmers Market.

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