Friday, November 7, 2008

Are you on-a-budget bride?

Always, my first suggestion is to hire one of the very talented wedding photographers we have in the market these days. Pros know what they are doing and then some, but...
While the economy isn’t the greatest I understand many couples are putting this artistic task into the hands of friends and family to save some $$$... nothing wrong with that.
That's why I started providing photography wedding post-production services to on-a-budget couples who need to spice their photos up.
Singles & in-a-batch images quotes are available upon request.
How it works (this process doesn't apply to single photos projects)
Develop all your disposable or point-and-shoot images into a disc or many discs.
Always send me copies of the CDs, NEVER the originals.
I'll go through the whole batch and do sorting myself ending up with 200 images... the best of the best.
I'll apply basic editing to all of them (fill-in flash, standard cropping, color balance, exposure & contrast corrections).
Also, I will treat 25 of them with artistic editing. Basically you will end up with 225 images.
Right after that I will upload these edited images into a private gallery here at my website for a period of 30 days where you, your family and friends will be able to check them out and purchase prints (from 4x6 to 20x30 if available). Sweet!
All photos will be printed in Kodak Professional ENDURA Paper and quality samples are available upon request.
I offer coffee-table books and CDs, contact me for more details.
In many cases, newlyweds have issues with their photographer and for one reason or another end up with half job done, a bunch of unedited proofs, etc...
Don't worry, I can take care of it. The only thing I really don't do is taking the pictures.
Still not sure if this is what you are looking for? Contact me for more details and/or send me one of your images and I'll edit it as a sample, free of charge.
Note: ONLY available in the US, for now.
Visit my website for more info:

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