Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ear Candy Sale Continues!

Miss out on the special Posh Mama discount? There's still a holiday special going on and everything is 20% off until December 15.* New items, including more vintage pieces, will be posted weekly!

Click here to shop Ear Candy

*Discount taken before shipping. Please wait for a revised invoice before sending payment.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Last Day for Special Posh Mama Discount!

Hello lovely Posh Mama's! Today is the last day of the special Posh Mama discount at Ear Candy! The code POSHCANDY will get you 30% off and free shipping all day today.

I hope everyone has a great time getting ready for the holidays!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Jaminga: Cyber Monday Sale!

Don't miss out on the great cyber Monday sale at!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gift Ideas and Giveaways!

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Don't miss the Christmas Gift Guide at From Dates to Diapers!

There will be loads of giveaways, some from our very own Posh Mamas!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Stay Home and Still Enjoy Black Friday!

Are you ready? Black Friday - traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year. Don't want to venture out with the crowds? Stay home and enjoy amazing deals from online vendors.

Visit The Little Black Box for more than 50 unique companies offering fabulous and amazing deals. I'm participating with my website and the deal is really spectacular! Find everything from lotions and candles to jewelry and stationary.

Codes are only available on The Little Black Box - the extravaganza starts at 5 a.m. East Coast time and ends at 12 noon.

Get Ready...Get Set ... SHOP!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bigs Thumbs Up to Jewelry by Jennifer Casady (exclusive discount for Posh Mamas too!) YAY!

Jennifer Casady came into jewelry design naturally as she is a third generation craftsman in the design of jewelry. Jennifer remembers growing up always having a fascination with her mother's jewelry box, the sweet gemstones her father would bring home from his travels around the world and being on the receiving end of lots of custom made jewelry. :)

Casady showcases her heart and soul in her jewelry and her designs are for the most discerning shoppers. You will be proud to wear these designs for many years to come. Jennifer takes great pride knowing that the "new owners" of her designs are happy and are able to wear them on a daily basis. We fell in love with all of the above designs and have received many compliments on a pair of Hessonite Garnet Teardrop Earrings.

Rush over to Jewelry by Jennifer Casady as Posh Mamas have an exclusive 20% off discount! Just use the coupon code PoshMama07 but remember PM's, it's only valid through 11/26/2007 so don't miss out!

Please let us know your favorites in the comment section now.

Much love, xoxo-pm


I just wanted to share what a wonderful experience I had with Sandbox Threads! I was lucky enough to win the contest on Posh Mama and receive one of their adorable, stylish baby shirts. Even though it was a custom shirt, it arrived very quickly. It's really well done, arrived in a cute gift box and I just love it. As you can see, it also gives Aidan baby power!
Thanks Andy!



just convo me prior to your purchase and let me know you are a 'posh mama' so i can adjust your invoice :) happy thanksgiving week everyone!

don't forget to visit my blog 'keeper of the chocolates' for amazing upcoming jewelry give aways!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Free standard shipping in North America and a free gift with every purchase of $100.00 or more until December 31/07 at Marie Cristine Jewelry

Friday, November 16, 2007

Tootsie and Grace Holiday Special

For POSH MAMA members only!!!

'Tis the season for fabulously POSH sales!!

Please take 15% off your holiday purchase with Tootsie and Grace! (Just say "Posh Mama" in a convo before payment and I will send you a revised invoice).

Happy Holidays, everyone!


My shop:
My blog:

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Perfect Gift: Custom Pencil Drawings by Pencil Perfect Art

Great Gift Idea!
Custom Pencil Drawings of Loved Ones!

Visit Pencil Perfect Art today for details on pricing (starting at $39) and how to order your very own custom pencil drawing! Also, check our Galleries!

Ideas: Give the gift of Timeless Art to:
Grandparents of their Grandchildren
Mothers of their Children
Pet owners of their Pets
Custom Pencil Drawings make a great gift for any occasion!

Special discount for Black Friday

Hey all you posh mamas! To celebrate the big shopping weekend, we will be offering a 10% discount on all orders of $20 or more at, from Black Friday to Monday. Enter code Posh Mama10 at checkout. We offer a variety of handcrafted jewelry and anything can be customized! Always free shipping!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Veteran's Day!

A special Happy Veteran's Day to all those who have served, who are serving, and those who support those in our armed forces.

Use this code at Casto Creations to get free shipping until tomorrow 11/13/2007.


All Gave Some...Some Gave All. Thank you armed forces!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Retrospective Design Gift Certificates

The holiday season is quickly approaching and if you're looking for a unique present, Retrospective Design is the place for you. We design custom photo montages and photo books. You submit your favorite photos, and we create a completely custom piece just for you.

With our gift certificates, you can choose between one of our items or give a specific dollar amount that can be used towards anything we offer.

To check out our work, go to our website
or our blog at

For more information, email

Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Finally, hair clips to match!

After several recommendations to have matching hair clips to go along with the baby belts, I did just so. I started with this Retro Clip to go along with my newest Retro Baby Belt.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Within the next week or so I should have clips to match my full line of belts.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Free Shipping now through December 10th

Looking for a wonderful way to say happy holidays to family and friends this year? Grafik Expressions has beautiful note cards and holiday cards, all of which can be personalized with your special greeting or photo.

Best of all, I'll waive the shipping charges for all members of POSH MAMA. Just send your design selection to me at Mention the POSH MAMA promotion and I'll send you an invoice reflecting the adjusted price.

Your gift will serve a dual purpose as a portion of the sales for all of our cards is donated to either our local animal shelter or to Safe Passage, an organization assisting victims of domestic violence.

The holidays are right around the corner. Visit Grafik Expressions and send us your order today!

Grafik Expressions - art, from the heart
Grafik Expressions

Bronwen Handcrafted offers 15% discount code to Posh Mamas through November 24, 2007

Hey Posh Mamas, Through November 24 get a 15% refund off purchases at Bronwen Handcrafted Get your holiday shopping done by purchasing from a full line of stylish baby carriers, baby clothes, jewelry and very modern patchwork quilts that are unbelievably gorgeous! Don't miss out as the discount code "poshmama" is only good through November 24, 2007! Happy Shopping Mamas! :)

Saturday, November 3, 2007


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Free Shipping mention Posh Mama

Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve! Free Shipping through December 20th for all Posh Mamas from Mothers Precious Gems! Happy Holidays!

Margaret is the WINNER of Sandbox Threads Giveaway!

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At 3:28pm on November 1st, 2007, 

margaret said…

you! i swear this is really the last one... i would love a shirt that
said "hello my name is Droolio." we always say that's aidan's "stage name"

Congratulations Margaret and you know we cannot wait to see a pic of Aiden in "hello my name is Droolio". Please send an email to Andy "The Dad" at Sandbox Threads and work out all the details. You may email him at

Also, we are all WINNERS at Sandbox Threads! Andy is offering an EXCLUSIVE deal to PM's now through November 30th. When placing your order at Sandbox Threads just use the promo code "poshmama" and receive 15% off all your purchases! That makes it ONLY $14.45 per AWESOME onesie/shirt! I don't know about YOU but I am stocking up for the Holidays now!

Much love, xoxo-pm

Friday, November 2, 2007

Meet the Posh Dada behind Sandbox Threads

Today we are sitting down with Andy Swaggerty "The Dad" of Sandbox Threads. Andy, we really appreciate you taking the time to sit down with Posh Mama Online Magazine. I know the PM's want to know more about the stay at home dad behind these "Funky Styles for Little Hipsters" with onesies sized 3-6 months and tee shirts up to 6T.

Posh Mama
: Please tell us a bit about your family and what you like to do for fun together?

Sandbox Threads: At the moment, we're a family of three with hopes of expanding. My wife Elizabeth works full-time as a College Professor and I stay at home with our 14 month old son Ben. During naps and in the evenings I also run Sandbox Threads. As a family we spend weekends exploring the coast and towns along eastern North Carolina.

PM: What is the best thing about being a father?

ST: I am not a morning person. I have never liked to get out of bed. However, that all changed once Ben arrived and I couldn't be happier. I don't want to sound too sappy here, but the kid does something new, funny, exciting and amazing each day. I (usually) cannot wait to get up to see what new thing he'll do next! :)

PM: There is so much buzz about Sandbox Threads, how did you decide to get into this line of business?

ST: Since I stayed at home with Ben, I dress him each morning. However, all the clothes we had for him had a doggie, duckie or some other sort of "cute" something on it. Elizabeth's sister bought Ben a shirt that was more along the type that I like and more in line with the shirts we offer at Sandbox Threads. She had mentioned what a difficult time she had finding the item and was surprised she had to pay over $30. Come on, $30 for a t-shirt? For a Baby? At this point the wheels started turning and a few months later, Sandbox Threads was launched offering designs more in line with the style (and price) that I can live with and feel other parents would appreciate as well.

PM: You have a great selection of unique and fun designs, who is the brain behind these designs?

ST: This may be the one situation where I could claim to be "the brains"! Remember my wife holds a PhD and is a College Professor :) However, I must admist that the designs for Sandbox Threads are a collaborative effort. Most of our designs have been suggestions by family, friends and customers. For example, our first Toddler Truism (It's Hard to Stay Clean in a World Full of Dirt) was uttered by a friend of mine when we were both teenagers (we are both in our thirties now).

PM: What has been the most challenging thing you have dealt with being a small business owner?

ST: You know the saying "A watched pot never boils"? Well, I have a modern version; "A checked Inbox never receives new mail" :) Running an Internet business is at best unpredictabale. There is no rhyme or reason to when someone places orders or visits your site. Some days we'll receive more orders than we can handle. While other days, regardless of how often I hit refresh, no new orders arrive. You just never know when the rush or dead time will occur.

PM: What bit of advise would you share with the PM's who are small business owners?

ST: It's easy to get consumed by your business. Remember to keep regular business hours if you can and take time off for yourself and your family. I'm still working on this one myself. :)

PM: Tell me what is your favorite design that you are currently carrying and why?

ST: You must remember that I'm "The Dad" of Sandbox Threads and choosing my favorite design would be like picking a favorite child. I like them all equally and in no way whatsoever do I show favoritism to "Famous Faces" or "Little Activists" :)

Andy we are all huge fans of Sandbox Threads and love all of your onesies and tee-shirts too! Thank you for taking time out of your very busy day Dada and sitting down with Posh Mama Online Magazine. We enjoyed getting to know "The Dad" behind the designs.

PM's, please head over to Sandbox Threads Contest and enter now. The Contest Winner will be announced on Saturday and you really don't want to miss out do you? Please remember the more times you enter the better chance you have to win. :)

Also, please say hello in the comment section now to Andy "The Dad" behind the designs at Sandbox Threads.

Much love, xoxo-pm

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Posh Mama hearts TADABABY!

If you are looking for a cute and creative gift, check out TADABABY! I love the ChooChoo Train artwork and MUST get one for PB #1. Check out all the styles at and let us know what you think here.

Much love, xoxo-pm

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